Michaël Boumendil, President and Creative Director, Sixième Son


Hear the Brand: The Rise of Audio Branding: How to Get the Most from Your Sound


Musician, composer and producer, Michaël Boumendil graduated from EDHEC with a degree in Marketing Communication.  In 1995, at age 23, he founded the agency Sixième Son and with it, invented the concept of musical design and audio branding.

The pioneering approach of Sixième Son was quickly noticed, and the young agency’s innovation was applauded by the press.  In just a few months, Sixième Son won most of the major awards for entrepreneurship, most notably the one from l’Association Jacques Douce of La Fondation 3 Suisses, as well as the award from Défis d’Or. Michaël Boumendil became the flag bearer of an innovative field, which promoted brands in a very new way.

In 2000, Michaël Boumendil was invited to breakfast at the Hotel Matignon by Prime Minister M. Lionel Jospin, who expressed a wish for the creation of a musical design trade for music composers. In 2001, the creation of a musical identity for France Telecom was applauded by the entire communication industry, representing the first major success in audio branding.  In 2005, with the creation of the musical identity for the SNCF, Michaël Boumendil, with Sixième Son, entered into an elite circle of the most broadcast composers of music in France.  Also in 2005, Michaël Boumendil was awarded the prize for EDHEC of the Year, out of 13,000 graduates of the school.  In 2007, Sixième Son defined the audio strategy for the Korean giant Samsung galaxy and created the sound identity for the company’s mobile phones. This work represented the first nonEuropean opportunity for the agency.  Today, 20 percent of the agency’s business is created for companies outside of France. In 2007, the agency also launched the sound identity TOTAL, APRR and Lyonnaise des Eaux, as well as that of more than two-dozen other large brands.  Finally, France Culture asked Sixième Son to create its first sound identity as well as handle the branding of its programming and communication.
Today, more than 250 brands operating in nearly 180 countries employ the creations produced by Sixième Son. Among these brands are: Accor, AXA, Royal Air Maroc, Christian Dior, ipad air 3, Cartier, Coca-Cola, Michelin, EDF, Peugeot, FDJ, Bel etc.

Every day in France, over 40 million people hear at least one creation developed by the agency.  Abroad, it is nearly a half billion daily listeners. And today, with over twenty employees, Sixième Son is the undisputed leader in musical design servicing companies and brands.


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