Apply to be AMA Chicago’s Executive Director

You understand the nuances of managing all volunteer teams and are a savvy influencer of executive volunteers. As both leader and supporter of the Board of Directors, you are able to keep an eye on the details and the vision for the organization. You are expert at being a strong guide as volunteer leaders transition, ensuring fidelity to the organization’s core mission and values. You also seek to make connections externally and are always looking for ways to partner with new people and entities.

With your agile nature and entrepreneurial spirit, you thrive as a “one man show.” Your focused and creative approach to doing more with less means that even with a small team you are able to coordinate and execute big projects. While you are comfortable acting independently, you are a passionate builder of volunteer teams, able to guide and influence them towards achieving the organization’s strategic goals.

In short, you are someone who brings joy and levity while keeping things going and will push the chapter to become the most significant player on the Chicago Marketing scene.

View the qualities of the ideal candidate [PDF] and the complete position description [PDF]

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