Building Brand Resilience as a Tool for Transformation

Successful brands are able to cope with unforeseen challenges and seize opportunities for transformation, while maintaining core values and credibility. BrandSmart 2023 will deliver a showcase of 10+ TED Talk-style mainstage presentations featuring innovators, thought leaders, disruptors, and transformers discussing these cornerstones of brand resilience: trust, value, purpose, engagement, management and innovation.

In addition, we’ll discuss the hottest topics of the day facing brands, network with industry peers, present the 2023 BrandSmart Awards, and end the day with a celebratory networking happy hour.

BrandSmart Awards

Presented at the BrandSmart conference each year, the BrandSmart Awards recognize the very best of brand marketing from around the globe.

The BrandSmart Awards were inspired by the Golden Ratio and were created to celebrate the powerful relationship between beauty and measurement – the marriage of creativity and results.

Often found in nature, art and architecture, the Golden Ratio epitomizes the beauty of the integration of art and science – and recognizes those whose efforts exemplify this practice.

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What to Expect

  • A full day of TED Talk-style presentations from experts and thought-leaders on the mainstage
  • A mix of how-tos, successful strategies and what’s next
  • Networking opportunities
  • BrandSmart Awards presentation
  • Post-event happy hour

Who Should Attend

BrandSmart offers insights, education and networking for marketers of every level:

  • Chief executive officers
  • Chief marketing officers and directors
  • Brand leaders
  • Agency and creative leaders
  • Entrepreneurs

BrandSmart attendees can earn 5 CEUs for Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) designation.

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BrandSmart sponsorships get you in front of industry speakers, marketing decision-makers and future-forward brand associates looking to share proven tools, strategies and stories.

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