BrandSmart Case Study Recap: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, United Airlines & All Terrain

Session: Fasten Your Seat Belts: Designing a Unique Brand Experience that Engages Consumers at 30,000 Feet


How can you make a luxury brand hotel in Las Vegas stand out in a sea of luxury hotels to capture the attention of consumers and drive hotel business?

At the recent Brand Smart conference, Angela Wise, VP of Marketing & Advertising for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, was joined by Brook Jay, CMO/Co-Founder of All Terrain and Sean Burke, United Airlines Sr. Manager of Media and Business Development, to discuss the highly successful brand-building and launch strategies developed by All Terrain for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

We wanted to capture [the consumers] before they land; that was our challenge to All Terrain,” says Angela.

According to Angela, many Vegas travelers decide where to stay once they arrive in Vegas. If the Cosmopolitan waits until consumers arrive in Vegas, it becomes difficult to engage them because there are numerous brands competing to connect with consumers.

Our solution was to connect with consumers on an airplane.” says Brook.

All Terrain suggested that Cosmopolitan provide travelers on Vegas-bound flights a Cosmopolitan branded gift box of cards to interact with while they were on the plane.  The cards provided discount packages to restaurants and activities at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

According to Brook, today marks the rise of the experiential consumer.  Consumers want to experience a brand and then tell the brand story in their own way.

She says today’s marketers should make consumers the center of the strategy, not the brand.  Brook suggests that marketer’s look to create a unique experience that captures attention and has consumers share the experience with each other.

The gift boxes we created give the passengers something that would not only be fun to open and explore, but also ignite conversation among those on board.” states Brook.

Key Takeaways for Marketers

According to Brook, the following were key principles leading to the success of the Cosmopolitan Hotel brand-building engagement program:

Psychographics. Psychographics led to the decisions on what was the right experience to engage consumers.  All Terrain observed the targeted consumers to gain a deep understanding of who they are and what motivates them.

Identifying and communicating to key resources. Cosmopolitan provided communications about the program along with gift boxes to United Airlines Vegas-bound flight attendants in advance of the official launch.  The goal was to ensure flight attendants could heighten the consumer experience.

Tracking gift boxes. Tracking inventory and strong communications between all parties confirmed that the gifts were available.

Aligning gift content with desired consumer experience. The gift box content guided the experience Cosmopolitan wanted consumers to have, and it aligned with the story they wanted consumers to experience and share.

Conducting a pilot program or trial period. Testing the offering and delivery of the gift boxes allowed All Terrain to confirm the consumer experience, work out any issues with boxes reaching the airplanes and finalize the gift box content.

Varying the offer in gift boxes. Varying the offers over time provided fresh marketing to engage repeat consumers.

Blog post written by: Pamela Wedgeworth President and Sr. Creative Director at Wedgeworth Business Communications, WBC. WBC is a creative services agency, that helps organizations create communications that influence’s employees thinking and behavior to help companies achieve key business outcomes. Headquartered in the Chicago area, WBC works with clients all over the US and Europe.


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