Building a Brand from the Inside Out

The Value of Employee Engagement for a Services Brand

Julie Springer, Senior VP of Marketing at TransUnion, spoke about the importance of branding from the inside out at the 2015 BrandSmart conference hosted by the Chicago chapter of the AMA.

Springer’s talked used the recent TransUnion brand relaunch to relay the importance of securing internal support when it comes to brand building. Brand is “what people said about you when you leave the room,” and for TransUnion, this statement hit very close to home. Although the company had become a global information solutions provider, it was still seen as just a credit bureau to many.

TransUnion needed a brand transformation. And that transformation needed to start with employees that lived and delivered the brand experience on a day-to-day basis.

Here are the tips to building a successful strategy:

  1. Secure Involvement from The Top – In TransUnion’s case, the CEO believed that fixing the brand was the path to solving the business issue, and he was the biggest cheerleader for the cause. Inspiration is baked into every message and action from the top.
  2. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together – If you have to rely on employees to deliver the brand, get their input. Hold workshops and internal meetings (around the globe if you have to) and make them a part of the process.
  3. Find the True North – Capture what you brand is really about. This needs to come from employees. Listen to them and refine ideas as you go. Employees need to own it.
  4. Engage the Heart as Well as the Mind – For TransUnion, the statement “Information for Good” became the rally cry that communicated the functional benefits of its services as well as the inspirational stories of its benefactors.

Once you’ve built the new brand, roll it out the same way you built it – employees first. And continue the education. Brand ambassadors should continually stay engaged, and the core team should look for on-going ways to engage employees. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with results like TransUnion – more than half of customers report that the new brand platform fundamentally changes how they think about the company.


Adara Bowen, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Kaleidoscope

As Director of Business Development and Marketing, it’s Adara’s job to make sure that Kaleidoscopers know what’s going on in the world and that the world knows what’s going on at Kaleidoscope. Adara has been with Kaleidoscope since July 2011 and has brought a strategic point of view to client engagements across all parts of the business. Prior to that, she grew up in branding at Landor, and is a graduate of Xavier University.

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