CMO of Assurance, Steven Handmaker to Present at BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive Results, takes place Thursday, April 28, 2016.

Insurance Brokers Are Sexy Rock Stars

Speaker: Steven Handmaker, Assurance Agency


Assurance_logoAssurance is not your average insurance broker. In fact, Assurance is the Purple Cow of insurance brokers. Currently ranked #1 Best Place to Work by the Chicago Tribune and #4 best workplace in the United States by Fortune Magazine, Assurance has actually made insurance cool. Assurance created and marketed a corporate culture built on over-the-top employee engagement that has resulted in increased productivity, improved employee health and wellness and off the charts customer loyalty.
Assurance’s success story is one of creating and marketing a competitive differential. The company discovered being a great place to work was one of the few opportunities left to distinguish itself in a highly commoditized marketplace. Once it made its own already great workplace its primary brand message, a flood of new talent and new clients began pouring in. The media took notice as well and has showered Assurance with an endless number of local and national workplace awards.
Steven Handmaker is the Chief Marketing Officer of Assurance, one of
the largest, independent insurance brokerages in the U.S. He serves as a member of Assurance’s executive management team and is responsible for the company’s marketing, communications, branding and digital media efforts. With more than 20 years of successful marketing experience, including his current tenure with Assurance, Steven’s become a sought after public speaker on a variety of topics related to marketing corporate culture and building a “Best Place to Work.”
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