Gary Kash, Founder & President Emeritus of Insights in Marketing

Gary G. Kash

Founder & President Emeritus of Insights in Marketing

President of Gary Kash Marketing Insights

Areas of Expertise:

  • Positioning brands to drive growth
  • Articulating strategies that build brands
  • Growing entrepreneurial businesses
  • Storytelling to engage and teach effective marketing

Gary is Founder & President Emeritus of Insights in Marketing and one of the most respected leaders in the marketing industry. Retired from IIM, Gary now lectures on key marketing topics and leverages his wealth of successful consulting experiences to help businesses of all sizes prosper. Gary has recently had multiple speaking engagements at Northwestern/Medill School of Journalism and Morgan Stanley and has also been engaged by Post Brands and The Chicago Professional Network.

As founder of Insights in Marketing, Gary spent years driving IIM’s business objectives and the company’s unique culture. Known for his visionary leadership and creativity, Gary started IIM with one goal in mind – to give clients the critical edge necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. IIM and he did this by identifying deeper, more compelling insights leading to pragmatic, winning strategies.   Peers have nicknamed him “The Professor” because of his ability to deduce “aha moments” and share key lessons with clients and colleagues.

Gary’s experience spans consulting, brand marketing, advertising and marketing research. He has worked across many industries – food and beverage, packaged goods, financial services, insurance, alcoholic beverages, retail – and his counsel has been sought by well-known companies like MillerCoors, CDW, Gerber, General Mills, Liberty Mutual, Pepsico and S.C. Johnson. Because Gary has the ability to guide and counsel others, he has become a mentor to many and a sought after speaker. Recent engagements include “How to Market Yourself,” “Positioning a Brand to Win the War in a Competitive Marketplace,” “Identifying Rocking Consumer Insights; The Art of Seeing The not so Obvious” and “Fearless Fundraising.”

Prior to IIM, Gary was a Management Consultant for The Cambridge Group, specializing in positioning and new products for clients like Pepsi, Hallmark, Kraft, Quaker Oats, Ralston Purina, Citi-Corp and others. He also worked for Leo Burnett as an Account Supervisor responsible for Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Special K and other brands for Kellogg’s. Prior to Burnett, Gary was in brand management at Kraft working in their Maxwell House Division.

Gary serves as Trustee and was Capital Fundraising Chairman (raising $10+ million) for The Center for Enriched Living, a charity he co-founded in 1984 focused on enriching lives of people with developmental disabilities (where he was named Volunteer of the Year for 2014). He is also a Board Director for a large charitable foundation helping Chicagoland’s under-served.

Gary has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago and a BS in Advertising from the University of Illinois.

You can contact Gary at: 847-217-4500 or email him at

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