Getting Creative with the B2C Agency of the Future

Erin Paul, Director of Design Strategy, Trinity Brand Group

John Starkey, Vice President, Gum, Mints & Media, Wrigley
Lianne Sinclair, Senior Vice President, Group Account Director, Energy BBDO
Andrés Ordóñez, Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Energy BBDO

What is a B2C “agency” today? What are successful B2C agencies doing to keep
clients? And perhaps most important of all — how will they need to “get creative” to
keep client relationships thriving in an ever-changing future?

As in the afternoon session covering B2B, Erin Paul will interview the leaders from a very
successful agency-client partnership, this time B2C: John Starkey, Vice President of Gum,
Mints & Media, Wrigley, along with Lianne Sinclair and Andrés Ordóñez of Energy BBDO, the
Senior Vice President/Account Director and Global Creative Director for Wrigley,
respectively. (Ad Age named BBDO its 2015 U.S. Agency of the Year.)

Attendees will get a real-world look at how to make the client-agency relationship mutually
productive, and also have the chance to ask questions of the participants.

Key Takeaways:

1. How to recognize and deal with the biggest current challenges in client agency relationships.
2. What capabilities clients expect any single agency to offer — and how to meet those expectations.
3. How agency and client resources need to evolve.
4. What kind of talent agencies, and clients, will need to develop or recruit in the future.


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