Hear the Brand: The Rise of Audio Branding: How to Get the Most from Your Sound


Colleen Fahey, US Managing Director, Sixième Son


sixieme_sonGlobalization, audio-enabled devices, content marketing and «continuous partial attention» all contribute to the rise of audio branding.Today a brand needs an audio identity as powerful as its logo, colors and packaging.

Taking a look at Peugoet and Atlanta’s global efforts, we’ll see how audio branding takes advantage of the fact that music is a language that’s universally understood. We’ll share the process a global packaged goods brand used to create the distinct audio identity that expresses the brand’s values and personality with both structure and flexibility.

We’ll look at best practices in implementing an audio brand through multiple audience touch points. Our experience suggests that there are key times in a brand’s life when a brand must re-examine its audio landscape : launches, re-positioning, new target audience, merger/acquisition, intensified competitive environment.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. How to powerfully emphasize your brand’s points of differentiation
  2. How to unify your brand and raise brand recognition
  3. How to turn every customer touch point into a relationship builder
  4. How music moves behavior and influences sales
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