Put Your Audience First: How to Build an Effective Persona

Written by Bridgett Colling

On February 23, the Nonprofit Special Interest Group hosted an informative breakfast meeting to teach attendees how to create an effective audience persona. Local nonprofit i.c.stars hosted the event, featuring presenter Bridgett Colling, Director if Content Marketing at See3 Communications, a digital agency for nonprofits and social causes. Attendees learned how to identify their content marketing mission statement, how to narrow their audience targets, and how to  put their new knowledge into action.

Colling showed attendees a Buzzfeed video featuring President Barack Obama that encouraged people to sign up for Obamacare. She discussed how the video’s placement on Facebook and humorous messaging showed a clear understanding of the target audience for the campaign: young people. She then led the group through examples of audience personas, and shared a series of tactics that can be used to create them, including Google Analytics, ESRI zip code lookup, and Hubspot’s audience persona templates.

The session concluded with small group breakout sessions. Attendees discussed what kind of content they could create that would speak to their audience’s goals and needs.

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