John Starkey, Vice President, Gum, Mints, & Media to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

John is an accomplished marketing professional with a consistent track record of brand building, innovation and business leadership.


John joined Wrigley in August of 2010 and took over the Gum business in May of 2014.


Since taking over the Gum business John has been leading the Gum category turnaround and growing the mints business with the successful launch of Altoids Arctic. Before leading the gum business, John led the Confections business for 2 & ½ years. During his time on Confections he tripled the growth rate of the Confections business, brought the NFL and Superbowl to Skittles, led the successful launch of Starburst Mini’s, and developed award winning creative for both businesses.


Prior to joining Mars, John worked at General Mills for 15 years.

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