Tuesday, March 21, 2017 | 5:30 – 8:00 pm

Building A Brand Experientially

An Evening with Marketing Experts

360 Chicago (former John Hancock Observatory)
875 N Michigan Ave, 94th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611
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Building a Brand “Experientially”

Enjoy a behind the scenes discussion of how the new 360 Chicago came to life. Learn the objectives, issues and opportunities behind the 360 Chicago brand and effort, as well as the strategic thinking behind the experience developed. Learn insights and steps taken for the ideas of 360 Chicago and how it became “real” from conceptual design through fabrication and install. Experience 360 Chicago first hand, complete with a spectacular sunset and evening view from the 360 Chicago event space.

Audience takeaways from this event:

      • Experiential environments done right engages and educate audiences to drive an emotional connection
      • The experience behind great brand efforts Tell a Well-Planned Story in a way that’s unique, authentic and ideally interactive
      • What hiring managers look for when searching for their next marketing talent

Hear From These Speakers:

Nichole Williamson, General Manager, 360 CHICAGO
Nichole joined 360 CHICAGO (formerly John Hancock Observatory) in March 2013 as the General Manager. In her time with the company she has overseen a $10 million investment into the observation deck, the repositioning and introduction of a new brand and steered the operation to record high attendance levels.

Sparked by a desire to share the unique fabric of Chicago’s neighborhoods with guests to 360 CHICAGO, Nichole partnered with Chicago Scenic Studios and BRC Imagination Arts to present the dynamic stories and histories of the people and places that make the city so extraordinary. Managing the project from inception, through content development and installation, Nichole is proud of the experience that greets guests to 360 CHICAGO.

A graduate of DePaul University, Nichole spent nearly 15 years in the hotel industry before joining 360 CHICAGO, holding a variety of sales and management positions in Chicago and Washington DC.

Visits to the range of Chicago attractions have been a favorite of Nichole’s since childhood when she first delighted in the views of Michigan Avenue, Lincoln Park and Navy Pier. She now lives with her husband John, daughter Vivien and dog Zuzu in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Learn more about 360 CHICAGO on Twitter @360chiviews.

Brian Stockmaster, VP, General Manager, Chicago Scenic
Brian Stockmaster is the VP, General Manager at Chicago Scenic; he started at Chicago Scenic 12 years ago as a project manager and was promoted to his current position in 2015. He oversees day-to-day operations of the company and works closely with President Bob Doepel on business development and strategic planning.

As Project Manager Brian was the lead behind the development the 360 Chicago project from technical design through fabrication and install. His knowledge from both a strategic experiential and design/build exhibit perspective made his contributions and insight invaluable during the course of ten-month long 360 Chicago/Chicago Scenic Studios project.

With more than 15 years of professional technical design collaboration, fabrication, and creative project management experience, Brian built a diverse portfolio of work encompassing theatre, events, environments and museum exhibits. It is this foundation that allows Brian to manage the company’s operations and plan for its growth with the enthusiasm, care and attentiveness to detail that his clients came to appreciate.

Brian actively seeks to develop relationships with new design professionals and vendors, and explores new areas of industry growth while working collaboratively with project teams. His appreciation for design and his ability to fully hear and understand the client’s needs and expectations have enabled him to work with industry leading clients and award winning designers across the country.

See many Chicago Scenic pictures on Instagram @ChicagoScenic.

Parking – Entrance to 360 CHICAGO

For guests parking in the building:
The automated parking garage at JOHN HANCOCK CENTER is located on floors 6-12 of the building with the garage ramp entrances off of Delaware Place and Chestnut Street. 360 Chicago offers a $5 OFF validation at our main ticketing desk brings parking down to $32.

For guests arriving on foot or taxi or public transportation:
Enter the John Hancock Center on the Delaware side of the building. Come through the revolving doors and go down the escalator. You will see the entrance to 360 Chicago on your left.

The AMA registration desk will be in front of the glass doors leading to the box office. Thus you will be registered and led into the 360 Chicago experience bypassing the box office needs.