Marketing Insights for the Digital Age: Nancy Costopulos

Written by Wendy Lalli

CIO. A CMO’s Natural Partner in this Digital Age.

Nancy Costopulos Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Executive, Nonprofit Sector

Nancy Costopulos
Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Executive, Nonprofit Sector

To Nancy Costopulos, Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Executive, Nonprofit Sector of the AMA there is no question that digital technology has changed marketing in many ways. As she points out in this Chicago AMA leadership interview, today a CMO’s most important professional relationship is with the CIO of their organization.

Just consider the profound influence technology has over the way companies conduct market research, develop a target audience and disseminate brand messaging. All of these developments have made an enormous difference in how we market products.

For example, a restaurant owner who decides at 10 a.m. to offer a discount coupon on sandwiches can publicize this offering through the restaurant’s website, Facebook page and app in time for patrons to save on lunch that day. Or an investment broker can react to a change in the stock market with a blog and email blast to his clients within hours.

Marketers have also been able to make their content more relevant due to digitally gathered research identifying specific markets and analyzing what messages are most likely to resonate with them.

Finally, we can communicate with larger audiences more frequently than ever before, not only because of the international scope of the web, but the myriad of media channels now available. Marketing messages can reach targeted audiences through a wide mix of options including websites, social media, email blasts, banner ads and YouTube videos – not to mention the non-digital media.

To make the most effective use of all these elements, creative marketers ultimately must depend on and collaborate with the people who design and maintain the necessary digital technology. According to Nancy, this relationship depends on developing a sense of trust in each other and respect for the challenges each must face. Click here to hear more of her astute observations on the symbiotic partnership between marketing and IT.


Wendy Lalli VP Creative, Crux Creative

Wendy Lalli
VP Creative, Crux Creative

Wendy Lalli is an award-winning writer and marketing strategist who has served clients in a wide range of industries and created communications in every format. She describes herself as “Peggy from ‘Madmen’ grownup.” She’s had her own company, Wendy Lalli, Ltd., since 1997 and is now a VP/Creative Director at Crux Creative, a creative and marketing agency in Milwaukee.

In addition to creating print, direct response and digital communications for clients like GE Healthcare and MB Financial, she has also written articles and blogs for organizations such as the BMA and the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago. Her interest in career development led her to write frequently on job search for the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers, contribute several chapters to college textbooks on marketing communications and facilitate career seminars at colleges, libraries and professional associations throughout Chicago.

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