Meet Don Bora, co-founder of Eight Bits and Mobile Makers at the SIG Pop-Up on Wearables.

On April 28, the Chicago AMA will be offering a unique member benefit: SIG Pop-Up Spring 2015 Series: Shopaholics: Keeping Up with the Increasingly Mobile Retail Consumer – Wearables, Oh My! 

The program will be led by experts in the field, Rich Walters of LS Research and Don Bora, co-founder of two cutting-edge companies, Eight Bit Studios and Mobile Makers. Last week we told you about the background of Rich Walters and now we’d like to do the same regarding Don Bora.

Don Bora has spent over 20 years as a leader in the software industry.

With his team of tech wizards at Eight Bits, he delivers ground-breaking digital products that leave customers awestruck. Always an advocate for women in technology and young entrepreneurs, Don also facilitates and teaches iOS development to a wide array of code-minded men and women at The Mobile Maker Academy and area high schools and colleges. His unique perspective on the evolution of mobile technology and its impact on consumers led to his recognition by TechWeek as one of the 100 top influencers in Chicago in 2014. And his generous sharing of his time, knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry, earned him nominations as Moxie Mentor of the Year in both 2013 and 2014.

Eight Bits’ co-founders, John Ostler, Steve Polacek and Don, shared their insights on Smart Watches in the company’s blog. We thought we’d publish some excerpts from Don’s comments as a sort of unofficial preview to his participation at the Pop-Up SIG on April 28.

Here are some quotes from Don:

“I am not enamored of the emerging smart watch ecosystem. The watch, in its current envisioned state, shaves seconds off otherwise mundane tasks, like checking the time or seeing if I have any unread emails. Any meaningful productivity bump will come from serious hardware support that is just not available right now.”

“Today, … a smart watch must be paired with a much more powerful device. While it is true that these smart accessories are relatively underpowered, we can be sure of this: hardware will continue to get smaller and faster. Ingenious engineering has found ways around the feared physical limitations that have threatened the past 20 years of computer and device advancements.”

“If I had a prescient scope, my watch would do all kind of Bond-ishly cool things. I want to see evolution in these platforms; I want to talk to my watch for the geek factor alone… The sheer amount of progress we’ve seen over the past 10 years is nothing short of stunning. Heightening the user’s experience through screen real-estate restriction will force us makers to be ever more diligent and judicious about our design, user interfaces, and feature sets.”

Join us on April 28 to meet Don and Rich and discuss Wearables with your fellow members.

Please join us on Tuesday, April 28 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM to meet Don Bora and Rich Walters and learn from their knowledge, experience and expertise on this important communications breakthrough. The meeting will be held at Networked Insights, 350 N. Orleans St, Suite 850, Chicago, IL 60654. Register now.

Wendy Lalli, Principal, Wendy Lalli, Ltd., VP Creative, Crux Creative

Wendy Lalli is an award-winning writer and marketing strategist who has served clients in a wide range of industries and created communications in every format. She describes herself as “Peggy from ‘Madmen’ grownup.” She’s had her own company, Wendy Lalli, Ltd., since 1997 and is now a VP/Creative Director at Crux Creative, a creative and marketing agency in Milwaukee.


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