Mike Hensley, President, Gyro to Speak at BrandSmart 2016


President, gyro:chicago+denver

As co-founder of gyro (recently named ad Age 2016 Global B2B Agency of the Year) Mike has been the chief architect of some of the agency’s most successful marketing strategies for a long list of business marketing clients.  Whether it was taking our Digital practice live in 1994, getting our Planning and Brand Consulting practice up and off the ground,  or evolving and integrating our Content Planning, Digital Media, and Analytics practices,  Mike has helped companies like GE, Kodak, FIdelity, Sealed Air, and USG get closer to their customers.

He has spent more than three decades helping clients outthink, outsmart, and outmaneuver their competition by creating unique ways to deliver humanly relevant messages to the right target audience, in the right medium, and at the right moment.

As a recognized leader in business marketing, B2B communications strategy and branding, Mike has been invited to speak at numerous organizations universities, CEO roundtables, and executive conferences around the country.

When it’s “Mike time,” you’ll find him (or maybe you won’t) in cities and towns around the world that few have ever seen. Pushing, exploring, experiencing. Kind of the same way he looks at business.


Mike Hensley

C/O gyro

410 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 800

Chicago, IL 60611

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