The SIG (Special Interest Groups) Pop-Up Series Keeps You Up With The Times

One of the major benefits that the Chicago AMA offers our members is networking that not only increases your professional contacts, but your industry knowledge and understanding of the latest trends.

Special Interest Groups (SIGS) offers all this in monthly programs that are sure to keep you on the cutting edge of marketing – whatever your industry or skill set.

SIGS. How to network with your peers while gathering insights from industry leaders.

These intimate communities of pro-active Chicago AMA members focus on a common interest or topic. SIGS maybe organized around specific industries such as financial services, non-profit and higher education or cut across industries to explore subjects of interest to all marketers like Market Research. Designed to broaden and deepen the Chicago AMA membership experience, SIGS provide a chance to connect, coordinate and collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues in real time off line.

And now the Chicago AMA offers the SIG Pop-Up series.

These programs revolve around a single topic – specific to an industry or cross-industry themed – that is currently at the top of everyone’s mind – especially savvy marketers. A perfect example is:

 SIG Pop-Up Spring 2015 Series: Shopaholics: Keeping Up with the Increasingly Mobile Retail Consumer – Wearables, Oh My!  

 The Apple Watch comes out on April 24. Discuss the implications with the experts on April 28.

Talk about timely! Now you can be the first to get insider knowledge of how the new wearables – iBeacons, Smartwatches and Glass – will impact the customer experience for retailers, hospitality, travel, media and more. Our guest experts – Don Bora, co-founder of both Mobile Makers and Eight Bit Studios and Rich Walters of LS Research – will lead us in an exploration of how these new digital devices will benefit consumers, businesses and the marketers that serve them.

 Join us Tuesday, April 28 from 5:30–8:00 PM CST at Networked Insights

Don’t miss this program that’s bound to be as intriguing and awe-inspiring as the futuristic products we’ll be discussing. Networked Insights, 350 N. Orleans St, Suite 850, Chicago, IL 60654. Register now.


Wendy Lalli
Principal, Wendy Lalli, Ltd.

VP Creative, Crux Creative 

Wendy Lalli is an award-winning writer and marketing strategist who has served clients in a wide range of industries and created communications in every format. She describes herself as “Peggy from ‘Madmen’ grownup.” She’s had her own company, Wendy Lalli, Ltd., since 1997 and is now a VP/Creative Director at Crux Creative, a creative and marketing agency in Milwaukee.

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