Darcy Schuller, President Chicago AMA, 2014-15

Thanks for a Remarkable Year

Chicago AMA

As we wind down the 2014-15 programming term, I can’t help but to look back at all the accomplishments we achieved this year. We set out one year ago as a Board to help ensure the Chicago AMA continues to explore exciting ways to connect, inspire and engage with our marketing community. We rallied around a simple, yet powerful theme: Be Remarkable!

Thank you to the 2014-15 Board of Directors and Volunteers for everything you did to make this year such a resounding success.  I invite you to watch my year-end video summarizing our goals and accomplishments.

A few highlights include:

  • Over 50 events featuring CMOs, VPs and Directors from prominent brands and agencies such as Ulta, DSW, United, Mead-Johnson, Deloitte, TransUnion, IPG Mediabrands, Prophet, Kraft, Beam-Suntory and many more.
  • Published findings from our own research, including ‘Chicago’s Most Recognizable Brands‘ and ‘The Role of a Professional Association‘.
  • Raised nearly $9,000 for UCAN at our Chicago AMA Gives Back charitable event, supporting youth, who have suffered trauma in their lives, to become our future leaders.
  • Established the Chicago AMA Grant Program, awarding a one-year membership to three outstanding marketers in our community who embody what our organization stands for.
  • Engaged, inspired and connected a marketing community of over 10,000 marketing professionals, 1,000+ members, 150+ volunteers and 22 board members through thought leadership, programming and networking opportunities.

Thank you to our 2014-15 Board of Directors: Tara Giuliano, Tom Jacobs, Marty Kozar, Marty Hill, Michelle Batten, Judi Myers, Brad Messenger, John Bruhnke, Paula Kapacinskas, Mark Sterne, Suky Lawlor, Victor Lim, Scott Green, John Armstrong, Paul Friedman, Michael Wall, Patrick Steffes, Stepheny Lauer, Pon Angara, Bonnie Reid and Ashlee Earl. Also, a special thanks to our Executive Director, Michael Long, for his dedication and hard-work in keeping our organization running strong year after year.

Congratulations and best of luck to our 2015-16 Board of Directors under the leadership of Tom Jacobs as the President of the Chicago AMA: Ashlee Earl, Bonnie Massa, Claire Slattery, Darcy Schuller, Jenna Redline, John Armstrong, Mark Sterne, Jennifer Gladstone, Jill Goldstein, Joe Wright, Katie Badeusz, Martin McGovern, Marty Kozar, Michelle Batten, Jordan Rittenberry, Carey Kogol, Tim Boudos and Pon Angara.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as the Chicago AMA President for the 2014-15 term. I look continuing to connect with this great marketing community.

Be Remarkable!

Darcy Schuller, President, Chicago AMA, 2014-15

Darcy SchullerDarcy Schuller has been on the Board of Directors of the Chicago AMA since 2011. Outside of the Chicago AMA, Darcy is the President/Founder and lead Digital and Brand Strategist at Suvonni, a boutique digital marketing and brand strategy agency. Connect with Darcy on Linkedin and Twitter



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