Tim Handorf, Co-Founder & President, G2 Crowd

The Future of the Marketing Technology Stack

Tech StackThe modern marketer has more technologies to choose from than ever and it is getting more confusing to determine what technologies will have the most impact on your business.  Based on insights from customer reviews, we will share trends of the modern day marketers technology stack.  In addition, we will discuss how peer to peer communication is  changing the way marketers need to think about their customers and how they interact with them.
1.    What technologies are modern marketers currently using and considering using in the future.
2.    What technologies do marketers love to use and which ones would they prefer not to use.
3.    How marketers can take advantage of what their customers are saying about them.


BIO: Tim has spent more than 15 years developing and delivering software in a variety of roles including professional services and product management. Prior to G2 Crowd, Tim was responsible for Product Management at BigMachines and led efforts to deliver the top-rated quoting tool on Salesforce.com‘s AppExchange for three years in a row. Tim loves making life better by solving problems using software technology and is passionate about working in an entrepreneurial environment, where each day is unique and learning is constant.  When not at work, he helps coach his kids’ wrestling team and serves at his local church. Tim grew up in rural Iowa on his family farm, so building software was a natural transition.  He also appreciates good sarcasm (except when directed at him from his children), and has the worst penmanship in the company.

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