Think Differently – Opportunity Identification or Breakthrough Ideas


Lindsay Avner, Founder & CEO of Bright Pink


Bright Pink was founded in 2007 by Lindsay Avner to educate and empower young women to take action and be proactive with their breast and ovarian health. Nine years later, the organization is poised to reach 14.4 million women nationwide in 2016 alone. In a world where everyone is trying to capitalize on “pink,” Avner has built a brand that stands out in a saturated market and deeply resonates with her target audience. She has honed the ability to innovate in the basics and will discuss techniques for capitalizing off of existing trends in better and smarter ways. Similarly, as a result of working in the nonprofit space, she has mastered the ability to grow exponentially in the face of limited resources and will discuss techniques that translate to the for-profit sector. Bright Pink’s consistently relevant branding reaches women in an effective, authentic manner that triggers life-saving action. In part, this success is due to strategic marketing partnerships that drive results—because we all know content can’t be created in a vacuum. Lindsay will present best-in-class case studies and cover tips for forging and maintaining partnerships that work.

Three things the audience can expect to learn:
• How to stand out in a saturated market
• How to grow exponentially with limited resources
• How to form marketing partnerships that drive results

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