Laura Squier, Director of Sales and Business Development for Advanced Analytics, QueBit

Top 10 Ways Marketers Can Improve Business Performance with Predictive Analytics

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Top 10 Ways Marketers Can Improve Business Performance with Predictive Analytics 


This fast-paced session will highlight 10 ways marketers can leverage predictive  analytics to improve business performance through:

1)      Acquisition/Conversion

2)      Retention

3)      Next Best Offer

4)      Customer Segmentation

5)      Customer Lifetime Value

6)      Direct Mail – Incremental Response

7)      Social Media Analytics

8)      Cross-Campaign Optimization

9)      Marketing Mix Modeling and Optimization

10)   Assortment and Demand Planning

Three program key takeaways:

1)     Predictive Analytics is not a singular application to marketing

2)     Integrate customer value

3)     Businesses can achieve value rapidly

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QueBITBIO:  Laura Squier has focused on Advanced Analytics since the late 1990’s across supporting Commercial and Public Sector organizations. She worked at SPSS supporting Modeler from 1997 – 2006 serving in pre-sales, services and product management roles. She has worked with various analytical vendors and consulting organizations such as SAS and Accenture. In February 2014, she joined the QueBIT team as the Director of Advanced Analytics Sales and Business Development. Laura holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Economics.