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American Marketing Association Chicago Chapter is managed by more than 100 volunteers. Every level of our organization is led by chapter members who volunteer their time on our seven committeesevents teams and board of directors. Through their careers and their service to AMA Chicago, our volunteers give back to the community and make our mission possible, and we appreciate their dedication throughout the year. Each month, we highlight a special volunteer who has gone above and beyond to make a meaningful impact on member value through skill- or relationship-building.

June 2019: Doug Scherer

CATI Supervisor, CPR Inc.
Marketing Insights Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Doug has been instrumental in programming our annual member survey this year. With a strong attention to detail and a can do attitude, Doug is great to work with. I really love that he is always ready to help find a new way to ask a question and uncover better insights.”

– Kathy Alexander, VP, Marketing Insights, AMA Chicago

June 2019: Tom Palmer

Founder & Owner, Kindel Insights
BrandSmart Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Tom was a key member of the BrandSmart team, helping to strategically review and vet speaker RFP submissions. He also worked hard to plan breakout sessions, identify additional speakers, secure keynote speakers and so much more. Thank you for helping to make BrandSmart a success!”

– Cindy Bond, VP, Executive Programming, AMA Chicago

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May 2019: Rene Reiter

Marketing Manager, Adage Technologies
Event Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Rene has been a significant contributor to our events as a lead event volunteer, most notably at BrandSmart and Career Smart. Over the last several weeks, Rene has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional registration and intake at our key events, greeting attendees and guests with professionalism, efficiency, and warmth. She has helped new volunteer recruits learn the ropes and given our event and program coordinators peace of mind in providing more than registration to ensure a successful event end-to-end.”

– Judi Myers, Director, Volunteer Talent Management, AMA Chicago

April 2019: Chris McGuire

Director of Client Growth and Engagement, McGuffin Creative Group, Inc.
Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Chris McGuire is the AMA Chicago chapter Volunteer of the Month in recognition of his energy and thoughtful approach to recruiting partners for the chapter’s Career Smart events. Chris is a new member, and yet he jumped into the project quickly and demonstrated his ability to find opportunities for all involved to succeed. Plus he is a genuinely nice man and fun to work with!”

– Bonnie Massa, President, AMA Chicago

March 2019: Kathy Alexander

Founder & Chief Strategist, Beagle Insight, Inc
Chair, Community Programming, AMA Chicago

“I was blown away at how Kathy took charge to get our March 28 event (Fireside Chat: Courageous perspectives on delivering marketing ROI) pulled together beautifully. Besides being an awesome collaborator, Kathy is incredibly organized and has a broad understanding of what it takes to unite professionals with varying research backgrounds under a common theme.”

– Chris Cacci, President-Elect, AMA Chicago

February 2019: Lauren Ramsey

Chief Engagement Officer, Betsy Bash
Associate Director, Social Media, AMA Chicago

“Lauren has been a member of AMA Chicago since 2015, and after years of actively attending events and volunteering to provide live social coverage, she became our Associate Director Social Media last Winter. A true thought-leader in social marketing, Lauren has shared her knowledge and expertise with the communications committee and chapter overall. Since joining the committee in 2018, Lauren immediately elevated our social media program by developing a strategic content calendar to better align the chapter’s cross-channel communications. The social program she developed is giving the chapter a more cohesive branded experience and is driving increased community engagement with our members. The chapter is better because of you, Lauren. Thank you for your time and commitment to AMA Chicago.” – Shannon Lee, Director of Communications, AMA Chicago

January 2019: Fan Shi

VP, Strategic Analytics Director, FCB Chicago
Marketing Insight Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“As a dedicated volunteer member of the team, Fan has been instrumental in sorting through massive amounts of data so the chapter can provide better membership experiences. From helping create our first monthly KPI dashboards to driving a new view into member segmentation, she stands out as a tremendously talented volunteer who is passionate about seeing the AMA Chicago continue to grow and excel. .” – Josh Blacksmith, VP, Marketing Insight, AMA Chicago

December 2018: Laís Titton

Marketing & Sales Consultant, Stratus Communications, Inc.
Event Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Lias has made an enthusiastic comeback as our leading Event Volunteer when she returned recently to the United States from a short hiatus in Paris. She single-handedly pulled together our October Connex event at the last minute without a blink or hesitation. She went into action with little direction or support to organize our networking event on the spot without missing a beat.” – Judi Myers, Director, Volunteer Talent Management, AMA Chicago

November 2018: Elina Yufa

Associate Digital Manager, Hollister Incorporated
Higher Ed & Collegiate Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Elina has been a tremendous contributor to the Strategic Relations team for the past 2.5 years. Her energy and passion in helping me launch our higher ed and collegiate relations initiative have been amazing. Recently she successfully planned and executed a super meet-up for our local collegiate chapters. The event was well attended and the enthusiasm amongst the chapters was great. We continue to grow our connections in the higher ed space, and Elina is a huge part of that. I’m happy to have Elina on my team—she’s a super talent!” – Dean Petrulakis, VP, Strategic Relations, AMA Chicago

October 2018: Heather Wright

Marketing and Membership Communications Coordinator, American Association of Diabetes Educators
Email Coordinator, AMA Chicago

“Heather has put forth awesome efforts, especially filling in for the Communication Team!” – Laura Sorg, Director, Email Communications, AMA Chicago

September 2018: Cheryl Gill

Independent Brand Marketing, Innovation and Strategy Consultant, BlueGill Marketing Consultants, LLC
Associate Director, SIGs, AMA Chicago

“Cheryl Gill took over the role of Associate Director of our SIG program in July with gusto! She has organized the chairs of each SIGs into a cohesive group that are producing more SIGs per month than we have had in a few years. Cheryl stepped up as a volunteer with professionalism and energy!” – Bonnie Massa, AMA Chicago President

August 2018: Shannon Lee

VP, Creative and Engagement, StudioNorth
Director of Communications, AMA Chicago

“In Shannon’s short time as Director, Communications on the AMA Chicago Board, she used her leadership savvy to dive in head-first and build consensus across committees, inspire volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, and deploy marketing solutions that have resulted in positive outcomes for our members.” – Chris Cacci, AMA Chicago President-elect

July 2018: Jill Rossini

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Palmer Printing & Conundrum Marketing Solutions
Program Volunteer, AMA Chicago

“Jill joined AMA Chicago volunteers as a member of our programming team and quickly jumped in with both feet and a ton of energy for creating events that resonate with our members. She has contacted speakers for three different events with the level of professionalism and respect the chapter has enjoyed from its volunteers for decades. Thank you Jill and welcome to the AMA Chicago family!” – Bonnie Massa, AMA Chicago President

June 2018: Ashley Schmitz

Senior HR Business Partner, Stantec
Secretary, AMA Chicago

Ashley has dedicated her time as Director, Volunteer Management in the 2017-18 year and has grown the team to over 120 volunteers. She has created a semi-annual volunteer recruitment event for members to learn about chapter opportunities and discover how their skill sets align.

“I’ve jumped in feet first to AMA Chicago and have been delighting in it ever since!”

Ashley is excited to start her second term as the Secretary where her focus will be on board succession, building off her work in volunteer management.

May 2018: Jessica Schaeffer

Director of Marketing & Communications, LaSalle Network
VP, Community Programming, AMA Chicago

Jessica is nominated for her work leading a team that has hosted nearly 20 programming events in the 2017-18 year. In addition to overseeing programming content, speakers and venues, Jessica has partnered with fellow board members whose work has allowed us to offer all community programs for free to members. This was AMA Chicago’s number one goal and has had a material impact on our membership. Additionally, these programs are rated at over 90% satisfaction by attendees, showing that we are delivering meaningful content to our members.

Thank you, Jessica!

April 2018: Ashlee Earl

Community Banking Consultant
Treasurer, AMA Chicago

We’re proud to recognize Ashlee Earl, CPA, CGMA as our March Volunteer of the Month! She was nominated by Bonnie Massa for her long-standing service of four years as Treasurer on the Board’s Executive committee, providing financial guidance and reporting.

Thanks for all your help Ashlee!

February 2018: Lauren Goeing

Volunteer, AMA Chicago

We’d like to congratulate and recognize Lauren Goeing as Volunteer of the Month!

As Event Volunteer Coordinator, Lauren has demonstrated reliability and leadership in her work. Her ability to streamline processes and train volunteers ensures that every program is a success. Lauren continues to show leadership in her lead role for Connex events and her cheerful personality does not go unnoticed!

When asked about the trait she’s most proud of, Lauren says, “I’ve heard over and over again that my positive energy is contagious. At the end of the day, we have a choice in how things affect us. We can let things bring us down or always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Thank you for making us all feel welcome!

December 2017: Chris Cacci

Chief Creative Officer, CACCICO
Director, Website Experience, AMA Chicago
Member since 2017

Chris Cacci owns her own creative agency, and as a business owner, was actively looking to re-engage with business organizations. She was fearful of become “myopic,” as she describes it, and urging to not only network, but also to be informed on relevant and current marketing subjects.

“Running your own business is extremely hard work,” Cacci said. “Knowing what and who is out there, what other people are doing, how they are doing it, what resources might be available to you, learning different points of view—that’s what brought me to the AMA. I have also met some very nice people in the short time I’ve been on the board.”

Cacci says she feels she has been able to obtain all of those as a AMA member. But she is also very active within the Chicago Chapter. And her hard work has allowed her to earn December’s Volunteer of The Month Award.

November 2017: Beth Marshall

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Ariel Investments
Associate Director, Analytics, AMA Chicago
Member since 2008

“When I relocated to Chicago, I felt AMA Chicago would be the perfect place to meet other marketers, and get a sense of the local marketing environment – I was right on both counts.”

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