Spencer Bramson

  • 444 N. Michigan Ave.
    Suite 1200
    Chicago, IL 60611
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At Twelve Thirty, we work closely with our clients to provide strategic thinking, creative concepts, and a tailored course of action to accomplish specific objectives. From development, strategy, creative and legal, to prizing and fulfillment, Twelve Thirty has all your bases covered.

A true single point of contact from start to finish. No frustrating handoffs from sales to account manager to project manager. Our white glove service and industry expertise protects you from inefficiency and risks, saving time and effort and ensuring successful execution. We personalize our workflow to align with how you operate.

We’ve established a system that enables us to always provide the best capabilities and most competitive pricing. This allows us to ensure consistency on brand specific requirements, compliance and tech specs as we maintain knowledge of your business and processes across projects.