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AMA Chicago is among the largest chapters, and our hundreds of volunteers bring our mission to life. Whether you’re looking to make connections, gain hands-on experience or increase your marketing knowledge, getting involved is a direct path to opportunity.

Join us at an upcoming event to see our volunteers in action and learn more from our team.

Volunteer of the Month

The value of volunteering

Professional development

Gain practical hands-on experience to expand or refine your marketing expertise by working hand-in-hand with leaders.

Build deep network connections

Fast track job or business opportunities through deep member, fellow volunteer, and board-level connections.

Volunteer-only special access

Network at committee meetups and socials. Gain opportunities to publish original content and speak at engagements.

Special recognition

Benefits include LinkedIn recommendations, Volunteer of the Year award, professional references, and resume building accolades.

Leadership development

Gain leadership and project management experience. Access to leadership summit, board retreat, and best practices.

Additional event discounts

AMA Chicago and AMA National events (25-60% off member prices) and complementary access for working volunteers.

Volunteer Committees

Community Programs

The community programming committee works on SIGs and all monthly programs. Ideal committee members are seasoned marketing professionals with a large network and a willingness to reach out to those in their network frequently.

Executive Programming

The executive programming committee leads Brand Smart, MarketingTech Smart, CMO Smart and smaller programming developed for executive marketers.


The communications committee is our chapter’s content marketing engine. This team drives thought-leadership and branding through our editorial, promotional and community content. All committee members participate in a monthly team conference call.

Membership Relations

The membership relations committee handles all aspects of the membership experience and maintains acquisition and retention goals set by the board.


The sponsorship committee develops partnerships with Chicago-area marketing agencies and service providers to financially support the chapter programming agenda.

Marketing Insight

The marketing insight committee completes all research the chapter conducts, maintains the chapter CRM and provides the board with KPIs and other metrics that show the health of the chapter in all non-financial areas.

Open Volunteer Positions

Associate Director, Connex Sponsorships

The Associate Director, Connex Sponsorships seeks out shared workspace companies and agencies in Chicago to host Connex events (6 events in 2020).

Sponsorship Coordinator

The sponsorship coordinator manages chapter contracts with sponsors to ensure all terms and conditions are being met and fulfilled between the association and its partners. Primary duties include reviewing sponsor agreements and logging terms and conditions, benefits, promotional opportunities, communications, and other activation items into a spreadsheet and providing reports on status, gaps, etc., on a regular basis. Experience with Excel required; Google Sheets also preferred.

SIG B2B volunteer

The SIG B2B volunteer works with the Director, SIGs and programming team to identify speakers and topics relevant to B2B marketers.

Director, Email Strategy

The Director, Email Strategy collaborates with the communications and marketing insights teams to develop and implement strategic direction for AMA Chicago’s weekly emails.

Coordinator, Community Programming

The Coordinator, Community Programming provides overall committee support and gains experience in program development and event planning.

Coordinator, BrandSmart Programs

The Coordinator, BrandSmart Programs uses their network and research to help identify powerful, compelling speakers. This person is more senior, highly connected, experienced and confident to reach out to and coordinate with senior marketers and consultants.

Coordinator, BrandSmart Communications

The Coordinator, BrandSmart Communications serves as a liaison to communicate with: the communications committee to provide relevant information on the conference for marketing purposes; potential speakers on details, social opportunities and more; and the sponsorship team to inform sponsors on details and opportunities. The ideal volunteer has experience writing corporate communications with etiquette.

BrandSmart Venue Liaison

The BrandSmart Venue Liaison takes the lead in working with the event chair to coordinate all venue communications, details, etc. This person needs some experience in venue and event planning, even if that experience is for smaller meetings or their own wedding.

Coordinator, Events

The Coordinator, Events provides overall support for the programming and executive teams.

HTML Programmer

The HTML Programmer collaborates with the Communications team to build emails and assist with websites updates.

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