Empower and Inspire: Speak at an AMA Chicago event

Inspiring stories. Lively discussions. Insightful conversations.

These are just a few words to describe the influence that our speakers have had on the Chicago marketing community for 75 years.

This tradition continues as we provide a forum for thought leadership and relevant case studies that capture emergent trends and industry-specific topics in marketing. It’s an invitation to serve our Chicago marketing community by sparking ideas and sharing key insights with a community that’s 1,000+ members strong.

Be in good company

We search year-round for speakers who will inspire, inform, and delight. Many are from Chicagoland’s most admired organizations – smart, trusted experts with a relevant point of view. Is this you or someone you know? If it is, then we want to hear from you.

Why speakers love AMA Chicago

  • Build your CV/bio great opportunity for more engagements
  • Speak about your passions and areas of expertise
  • Raise awareness of your professional point of view and your brand’s unique expertise
  • Give back to the marketing community in Chicago
  • Position yourself as a thought-leader

What AMA Chicago offers to speakers

  • Promote the event across AMA Chicago’s networks for free
  • Engage with an audience of marketing professionals from a mix of brands, agencies, service providers and academia who are typically ages 35-55 and have decision-making power
  • Gain exposure for yourself and your company to attract talent
  • Network with peers and potential partners in Chicago
  • Affiliate with AMA, the essential community for marketers and national organization, on your bio/CV

Value through a variety of programs

Flagship events –

  • Brand Smart – 1 full day focused on the strategies, tactics and tools used for companies to build their brand.
  • MarketingTech Smart – ½ day focused on all the latest around marketing technology.
  • Career Smart – evening focused on helping members build their career path.
  • CMO Smart – evening program built for CMOs and the people who work with them

Monthly programs – Sunrise Executive Series and Evening with an Expert are typically 1-hour presentations with Q&A combined with networking.

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) – Members with similar interests get together once a quarter to share ideas and best practices in a deep dive on a specific marketing topic.

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