AMA Chicago Diversity Statement

A Commitment to the Values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As the largest professional chapter of the American Marketing Association and a trusted ally in its nationwide network, AMA Chicago recognizes the benefits that can be derived when differences in age, religion, race/color/national origin/ethnicity, sex/gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, and physical ability are magnified in order to foster innovation and fuel success for the entire marketing profession.

AMA Chicago will prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion as key aspects of our organization by (but not limited to):

  • recruiting diverse board members, committees and volunteers;
  • fostering collaboration among board and committees to achieve this goal;
  • engaging with diverse constituencies;
  • seeking diverse candidates for content development and programming; and
  • identifying and working with diverse sponsors, vendors, contractors, and consultants.

Achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion is a continuous process and one that is essential to our mission to provide opportunities for Chicago marketers to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and grow in their careers through access to leaders and peers.



AMA Chicago is home for every marketer, and we actively seek members with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences. Membership offers free monthly programming, discounted conferences, networking and the connections you need to drive your career forward.

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