Member-only Perks

Take advantage of all your membership has to offer to move your career forward

Every month, AMA members get a selection of helpful toolkits, useful training, impactful research and exclusive content, all focused around a marketing theme. This comes in two forms:

  • Your member digest, a curation of tools, training, resources and research to help you make an impact in your career and get the most out of your AMA membership.
  • Your new perk that adds something fresh to your membership.

Many of these are available for a limited time or are special partnerships, so check your profile often to take advantage of these benefits.

A Few Past Perks

Below are a few examples of the types of practical, marketing-minded free resources you can expect with your AMA membership.

Content Marketing Playbook & Mapping Template

Get a free Content Marketing Playbook, with everything you need in one place to bring your plan to life. Get it here

Take it a step further with this content marketing template to create a visual representation of your plan – to easily share it with leadership to build buy-in, then implement it with colleagues outside the marketing team.

How to Audit Your Social Media Marketing

This on-demand, 2-hour training equips you to audit your social media setup, evaluate your content (including imagery, tone of voice and consistency), and discover how to audit competitor brands. Access the training

SEO Keyword Database

A strong SEO strategy is critical in today’s digital world. However, tackling the challenge of organizing and optimizing your keywords is no easy feat.

The SEO Keyword Database will help you keep track of your company’s keywords and optimize your SEO while uncovering new keyword opportunities for your brand. Access the database

Research Proposal Template

Getting started and mapping your route to success can be the most overwhelming part of any research project. Download this week’s membership perk, the Research Proposal Template, to set expectations from the very beginning of your project. This fully customizable template is designed to help you write a concise proposal that clearly outlines the intent, purpose and methods of your research so your team is working from a unified plan. Access the template

Market Research Playbook

The Market Research Playbook is designed with industry best practices in mind to help you develop a comprehensive and thorough market research process. This five-step guide takes you through the process from preparation to reporting. It’s full of downloadable tools and templates you can customize for your organization’s unique needs. Access the playbook

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