Best FaceTime Games To Play For Long-Distance Couples

Bored of doing the same old conversations over Facetime or Skype? Now its time to say hello to new ways of conversation with friends and special ones. Try out these to make daily usual talks more interesting and fascinating. Many of us really focus on the content if conversation instead of understanding the connection with the person on the other side which actually matters the most. Our daily talks allow us to improve the quality and strength of the relationship and they are meant to spent quality time together. Therefore we need to make them more lively and interesting. It happens with all of us that sometimes we have nothing to talk about but we still want to carry on with the conversation. In such cases, we can try out certain conversation games just to make sure that we actually are involved completely in the conversation.

  • Charades

This classic game has never been more popular! Games to play over facetime and the kids will absolutely love it! It’s also the perfect excuse to chill out and have a lot of fun. Say hello to belly laughing! Set your phone up in your living room and get your friends or family members to do the same and take it in turns to get up and strut your stuff.

  • Pictionary

Very similar to Charades, just simply get a piece of paper, begin drawing and hold it up to the phone for your friends and family to guess what it is you’ve drawn. This is such a fun facetime game! Plus, if you download the Houseparty app, this game is already installed meaning you can all draw on your phone screen. Genius!

  • Classic card games and board games

If you enjoy playing card games IRL, you can play them virtually, too! If you want to use a real deck over video chat, you can get creative and make sure both of you have a half-deck of cards. If that sounds too complicated, there are many online options you can find, including card games you can play together, such as Blackjack Online for iOS.

If you’re looking to challenge a friend at chess, Chess With Friends Free is available online from Zynga, which you can download via Google Play and the App Store.

  • Pogo’s Monopoly

The great thing about Monopoly is you can play it with just two players, plus the game offers a fun, competitive challenge. This online game of Monopoly is free and allows you to add a friend so you can play together from separate computers.

  • Name Game

This is am easy and fun word game to play over facetime and skype. The players have to choose a topic like a state, cities, animals, etc. and thus select a word belonging to the same category and then the other player has to say a word at the letter on which the word of the first payer ends and the game continues until and unless anyone falls short of words.

  • Argument Game

Sometimes, it is good to argue and so this game is put forth and is fun to play over facetime or skype. In this game, you need to ask the other players that what he thinks about you. For example- like if you look like an animal or if you love sea or mountain, etc. and after choosing one you can start arguing with him or her but in a cunning way without adding up a real argument.

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