BrandSmart 2019: Staying true to yourself when transformation reigns

by Jeff Segal Change is scary. It’s also inevitable and unavoidable. And one of the best ways to cope with change—and make it work to our advantage—is to get together every so often with our peers and leaders to showcase the newest, brightest and most dynamic new ideas. Last Thursday’s BrandSmart 2019 was a perfect […]

From Coincidence to Community: How Career Smart brought its own “brand” of magic for job seekers and hiring managers

By James Warda Disney World may be “the most magical place on Earth.” But I found a close second. As a former hiring manager for over 15 years who is now looking for my next role, when I received an email about Career Smart being held by AMA Chicago, I knew it would be interesting. […]

Building Dragons vs. Chasing Unicorns

By Luke Jones We’ve all heard the story of the unicorn, the upstart company that came out of nowhere and went on to be the star of its industry through dazzling technological innovations: Google, Netflix, Uber, to name a few. The temptation is to ask: “How did they do that, and how do I replicate […]

17 years later, BrandSmart’s creators excited to host the 2019 event

Cindy Bond, Principal & Founder of Bond Digital, and Harvey Morris, Director of Marketing at Trala, Inc., will co-chair AMA Chicago’s BrandSmart at the UIC Forum on May 9, 2019. If you’d had a baby around the time of AMA Chicago’s first BrandSmart event in 2003, you’d be sizing up potential colleges right about now. […]

Christine Moorman reveals the latest CMO Survey at CMO Smart

How often do you get a chance to interact with the creator of an industry-standard survey 24 hours after its most recent results are published? That’s what happened at CMO Smart on August 29, when Christine Moorman, Founder and Managing Director of The CMO Survey, spoke with members of AMA Chicago 24 hours after the […]

CMO Smart emcee Steven Handmaker: Create winning experiences and make people happy

Steven Handmaker, Chief Marketing Officer of Assurance, will emcee AMA Chicago’s CMO Smart at the Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business on August 29, 2018. CMO Smart will feature a first-hand look of the new CMO Survey from its Founder and Managing Director, Christine Moorman. Event emcee Steven Handmaker calls the study valuable because […]

Why marketing analytics hasn’t lived up to its promise

By: Carl F. Medina and Christine Moorman We see a paradox in two important analytics trends. The most recent results from The CMO Survey conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and sponsored by Deloitte LLP and the American Marketing Association reports that the percentage of marketing budgets companies plan to allocate to analytics over the […]

Develop a content calendar for supercharged campaign management

By: Ryan Gould A fully-comprehensive content strategy is a living, breathing entity that must be sustained through vigorous attention and daily monitoring. This is difficult without the proper resources to keep your strategy organized – there are so many moving parts, that it would be easy to let one slip, which could then cause an […]

Brand Smart 2018 Recap

By: Elina Yufa When I’m walking across the street, I trust that that taxi won’t run me over (well, sometimes). When I ask Alexa to set a reminder, I trust that she’ll have a better memory than I do. When I make a purchase, I trust that it’ll go through without a hitch. We put […]

Does brand awareness impact organic search rankings?

By: Chris Hickman In search engine rankings, everyone wants to be number one. And the best way to do so is by catering to metrics that search engines use in determining what result is most relevant to specific searches. You can have traffic driven to your website from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. […]

Free events! Your membership just got better.

By: Bonnie Massa, AMA Chicago President Earlier this year, we promised changes to your AMA Chicago benefits to ensure that your membership is the best ticket to your career success. Since July, you’ve enjoyed free registration for Connex, our bi-monthly networking events, as well as each of our Shared Interest Groups (SIGs). It’s always been […]

The Marketing Case for Legit Staff Bio Pages

By: Michelle Kaffko We’ve all heard the saying, “put your best foot forward,” but I think that saying should be changed to, “put your best FACE forward.” In reality, many of our business contacts we meet virtually first or never meet in-person. Usually all we have to go by to see their face is their […]

The right place to start your next creative campaign: design thinking

By: Maggie Lewis Finding the right place to start should be the first consideration when developing marketing communications for any organization. In my experience working with a non-profit client base, we do our best work for our clients when we employ principles of design thinking. And, I would encourage all marketing communications experts to begin […]

Is your brand keeping up with the platform world?

By: Vivaldi Last month, Vivaldi, the growth, innovation and brand strategy consultancy, hosted on October 4th the first “Breakfast of (Brand) Champions,” a workshop series specially organized for the Branding Special Interest Group of AMA Chicago. We focused the inaugural workshop on how to build strong brands in today’s rapidly changing world. With platforms seemingly poised […]

Expert Tips and Key Takeaways From MarketingTech Smart 2017

By Brittany Tepper Over 100 marketing professionals attended MarketingTech Smart on September 27, 2017 at the Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business. Through multiple sessions with industry experts, attendees were able to learn how to navigate the crossroads of marketing and technology, and network with other engaged marketers in the community. Here are a […]

NonProfit Strategies from the AMA MarketingTech Smart Conference

By Monica Moore Marketing technology (aka MarTech) selection can be overwhelming and this was certainly confirmed at the 2017 AMA Chicago MarketingTech Smart Conference as each presenter repeatedly pulled up the same graphic of 5,281 current MarTech solutions. This can be all the more challenging for nonprofits, which may have limited budgets, minimal staff, and […]

CMO Smart Roundup Part 3: Takeaways from Two Marketing Experts

By John Lawrence This is Part 3 of 3 of our CMO Smart recap blog series. Read Part 1 and Part 2. We asked marketing executives who attended CMO Smart back in June 2107 to share some of their key takeaways with us. Here’s what Doug Davila, Senior Vice President Agency Strategy and Development at CBD Marketing, […]

CMO Smart Round Roundup Part 2: How Leadership Manages at the Speed of Change, and How C-Suite Partners Resource Ideas

By John Lawrence Marketing executives from some of Chicago’s most prestigious companies and non-profits joined moderator Kim Feil for two CMO Smart panel discussions. They shared their professional experiences and offered advice on managing a rapidly changing business landscape and fostering best practices for working across the C-Suite back in June 2017. Innovation, solving problems […]

CMO Smart Round Roundup Part 1: Dynamic Market Forces Facing Today’s CMOs

By John Lawrence In June 2017, Chicago AMA held its first CMO Smart forum, bringing together some of Chicago’s most dynamic marketing leaders to discuss the changing landscape while sharing best practices to collaborate across the C-Suite and tap into the resources needed to achieve growth. The event was moderated by Kim Feil, CEO of bizHive and CMO/CSO for Aspire Healthy […]

Career Smart Roundup: ‘Full-Assing It’ to Drive Results

by Traci O’Brien  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein).  If we do, we are slacking and I’ve got a hunch that Product Marketing Leader at Arity / Allstate’s Tiffani Saxton, and PrizeLogic’s SVP Aaron Lobliner, would be disappointed.  Tiffani challenges us to be thorough and […]

Whose job is it Anyway..PR or Marketing? – Recap

by Brittany Tepper On May 11, 2017 the American Marketing Association’s Sunrise Executive Series first debate hosted five industry experts who tackled the age-old question: whose job is it anyway, marketing or public relations? During the debate, some of the industry’s most controversial questions were raised. Here’s a summary of what went down: Question #1: Social […]

ROI of Executive Media Training

by Noeleen McGrath  I took an interesting meeting with a CEO recently. Within five minutes, it became clear to me that I walked in with the wrong assumption i.e. that he understood the value of executive media training. He didn’t. In fairness to me, media training is such a given in most company’s executive development […]

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Miles Beresford Kington

by Gary Kash  The combination of enhanced marketing knowledge and the wisdom of how to execute smartly will help you get where you want to be in 2022. Be at Brand Smart 2017. “Too busy.” “Too many deadlines.” “I know what I need to know.” “Not enough return on my investment.” My sentiments before attending […]

Luv Led Me to Brand Smart

by Sherry Duda  According to GroupM, worldwide media and marketing spend will surpass $1 trillion in 2017. Corporations, brands and agencies make a lot of promises. While the brand’s creative expression may attract users, it’s the delivery of the promise that matters most to consumers. We assume brands will deliver what they say…until there’s a […]

Evening with an Expert: 360 Chicago

If you’re a Chicagoan, you have likely noticed that the iconic John Hancock Observatory has recently gone through a facelift! It is now called 360 CHICAGO. And if you were lucky enough to attend the latest evening with an expert that focused on building a brand experientially, you would have had the chance to enjoy […]

An Evening with Three Experts

Essential Skills for Today’s Marketers Have you ever wondered if you have the right skills to succeed in today’s Marketing World?  Today, we have a beautiful world that is constantly changing. Each day marketers, like you and I, are facing new challenges that were unheard of twenty years ago or even six months ago.  Each day […]

Tim Calkins Makes the Business Case for Branding

As the Clinical Professor of Marketing at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Tim Calkins knows how important it is for brands to stay on top of what’s working – and what’s not – in today’s environment. In the above video, Tim gives us a preview of his Brand Smart 2017 master class, “Making The Business […]

Nick Ragone on His Brand Smart 2017 Keynote

Nick Ragone is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Ascension, the largest Catholic healthcare system in the world. Through his dynamic closing keynote address, he’ll lead us through his work rebranding the system and each of the milestones and lessons learned along the way. In this short video, Nick gives […]

Hear the Brand One Year Later

by Colleen Fahey  In my never-ending quest to spread the word about Audio Branding, I took the stage last year at Brand Smart – where I found a lively and inquisitive audience.   What hadn’t quite dawned on me was that speaking at the event would allow me to listen to everyone else’s presentations. Having […]

Better Marketing by Design Featured at Marketing Slam 2017

This year’s Marketing SLAM took place on February 22nd at Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business and witnessed an attendance of over 75 professionals. Under this year’s event theme: “better marketing by design”, Marketing Slam covered a variety of topics that were presented by six of Chicago’s top marketers. Pumped for tonight's #MarketingSLAM w/ @neigerdesign @LyndseyMcKay @BrandYourCareer […]

photo_Brand Smart 2016

4 Reasons Your CEO Should Demand You Go to Brand Smart

by Chuck Kent More than ever, you, as a marketer, are under pressure to perform… right now, this quarter, this week, today (sooner, if possible). And a marketplace environment of constant, ever-accelerating change only exacerbates this hair-on-fire situation. The temptation is to upend every status quo and create all-new marketing machines, bristling with the shiniest […]

What Chicago Marketers Think™ Poll Results

What skills do today’s marketers need? Chicago-area marketers shared their key hard skills for success and what areas to focus soft skills. December’s poll results also include the business skills most desired to develop. Take a look and see what skills reign in 2017!  

Local SEO in 2017

Local SEO is an often-overlooked but critical factor for businesses with physical locations. In the era of mobile search, local SEO promises brand visibility to both the on-the-go and local consumer. In this post, we review some basics about local search and examine some of the recent changes Google has made, which are impacting local […]

Mobile Interstitials: How Do You Comply with Google’s Latest Guidance?

Google has sought for years to impact the quality of the mobile user search and browse experience. Google’s open-source Android mobile operating system now commands a greater than 80% share of the global market. Two years ago, the company began favoring responsive websites, those that scale appropriately for mobile and tablet screens, in its search […]

Pivot Points from Scott Brinker, Looking Past the Hype and Theory of Marketing Technology

Back in 1988 Howard Haas joined the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business as an adjunct professor. He struggled in his new role to find a curriculum that supported what he learned and experienced during his tenure as CEO at Sealy. Shortly after joining the university he developed a new curriculum that essentially changed […]

Pivot Points: Matt Bailey, Leveraging a Sales Mindset

Did you hear the joke about the toothbrush salesman? I recently came across this joke and it speaks volumes about the importance of a sales mindset.  The joke goes something like this:   A boss asked it’s company’s top toothbrush salesman how he managed to sell so many brushes. The toothbrush salesman replied, “It’s easy” […]

No – I Won’t Come Back For A Fifth Interview

How many rounds of job interviews are you willing to accept?  No longer do you have to feel at the mercy of hiring managers.  Job seekers take some control and actively reshape the hiring process. Forbes contributor Liz Ryan offers a compelling spin on interviewing to your advantage.  After understanding the company’s pain, stop!  Do […]

Insights on the New MarketingTech Stack: Tools That Drive Momentum and Deliver

The 5th annual MarketingTech SMART brought together leading innovative technologists Scott Brinker, Jack Philbin, Matt Bailey, and Steve Susina for trends to watch to stay ahead of the competition, here we go! Scott Brinker Owner, “Hacking Marketing: The Amazing Convergence of Marketing & Software” In a world with more than 3,500 marketing technology solutions, […]

Re-Shaping Your Customer’s Experience through Mobile – What’s Now & Next

It’s been nearly ten years since the iPhone debuted, and the opportunities to service, sell and create loyalty with your customers is now greater than it’s ever been before.  New iphone8 trends that are driving consumer mobile behavior now should be used as a filter for re-looking at your customer’s journey with your category and […]

logo_MarketingTech Smart

Lessons from 4 marketing technology experts

We hand-picked a series of four articles on marketing technology and mobile marketing, by four leaders in their field. These are the same marketing experts—Scott Brinker, Jack Philbin, Matt Bailey and Steve Susina—who will be speaking in Chicago on Friday, Oct. 21 at the half-day MarketingTech Smart 2016 conference. If you like what they have to […]

Lessons Learned from Women at the Top

written by Lauren Ramsey, founder of Betsy Bash, LLC. It is often assumed that the CEO of a company is a male and statistically, that is primarily the case. In 2016, only 4% of the CEOs on the Fortune 500 list are female. The Chicago AMA organized a panel of women in the C-Suite to share […]

Consumer Loyalty Requires Much More Than a Rewards Program

written by Lindsay Malone, Digital Marketing Manager at Prophet Many companies pursue customer loyalty, most fail to receive it. More than 55 percent of marketers planned to increase consumer loyalty budgets this year and many are investing heavily in the development or revival of loyalty programs. As companies seek new and interesting ways to drive consumer […]

What an 80-year-old Couple Can Teach the Agency of the Future

written by Chuck Kent, Director of Brand Content at Avenue (BrandSmart Speaker 2016) For years I’ve been marveling that the ad agency business model still hasn’t crumbled under the weight of its considerable expense and extreme self-importance. Why do clients put up with it? Why did they pay for its deficiencies to be amplified in the […]

Three Social Media Tips for Building Your Network

By Wendy Lalli Building a strong professional network is essential for every career. There are, of course, many ways to develop this essential career tool. Joining and actively participating in organizations like the Chicago AMA is one thing you can do. You can also go to business events and socialize with colleagues, vendors and even competitors […]

Using Google Analytics in a Few Clicks

On March 22nd, Chicago AMA members and guests gathered at 1871 to hear from Google Analytics expert, Andy Crestodina. In addition to being the Co-Founder and Strategic Director at Orbit Media, he also serves as a mentor at 1871, an Adjunct Professor at Loyola; and was named in the “Top 10 Online Experts I’m Following […]

Connecting Ideas to Drive Results: A Brandsmart Recap

By Jessica Schaeffer, Director of Marketing, LaSalle Network A clear theme emerged at 22 West Washington Street on April 28th as some of the biggest minds in marketing gathered to share insights around the brands they manage. The theme: the new wave of marketing: the power of storytelling to build relationships and trust with your consumers […]

What to Look for in an Internship

By Wendy Lalli As a creative director and ex-recruiter I regard summer internships as invaluable experience for entry-level employees. When I’m considering hiring someone who is just out of school, knowing that they’ve been an intern while still attending classes tells me they have several positive qualities.  Here’s a rundown of those qualities in order […]

Vincent Geraghty, Executive Vice President, Executive Director of Production, Leo Burnett

Vincent Geraghty, an industry leader in the area of integrated production, is the Executive Vice President Director of Production for Leo Burnett USA.  Vincent is responsible for the integrated production on all Leo Burnett USA clients.   A 27-year veteran of the advertising business, Vincent has received numerous prestigious awards for his work, including a […]

The best marketing conferences are…

By Chuck Kent, Director of Brand Content, Avenue So, what are the qualities of the best marketing conferences — or any conference? What makes it worthwhile for those 225 million US attendees to spend of $115 billion annually to attend 1.83 million industry confabs (as of 2012, according to PwC; those figures, of course, including […]

Social Media Rules! How Can Higher Ed Marketers Reach Prospective Students?

When trying to reach Generation Z or Millennials, SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter are the “it” social media platforms. Print still serves a purpose — mainly driving the recipient to your digital presence – but social media is the place where engagement and conversion happens. That was the message Michael Mullarkey, chief executive officer of Chicago-based […]

Eckrich and Operation Homefront – Redefining a Brand Through a Cause Partnership

BrandSmart 2016 Speaker: Chuck Gitkin, SVP Brands and Marketing, Smithfield Foods Takeaways: A cause that fits with a brand can enable winning with customers, consumers, and the community For a cause partnership to be successful, the brand must speak in an authentic voice  A key to connecting an idea with consumers is to integrate the […]

Chuck Gitkin, SVP, Brands and Marketing

BrandSmart 2016 Chuck Gitkin is a twenty-five year career marketer, having worked in a number marketing and innovation roles for leading CPG companies.  Chuck has a depth of experience in consumer and B-to-B marketing.  He is currently SVP, Brands and Marketing for Smithfield Foods, with responsibility for all brands and marketing activity in Smithfield’s domestic […]

Think Differently – Opportunity Identification or Breakthrough Ideas

Speaker: Lindsay Avner, Founder & CEO of Bright Pink Description: Bright Pink was founded in 2007 by Lindsay Avner to educate and empower young women to take action and be proactive with their breast and ovarian health. Nine years later, the organization is poised to reach 14.4 million women nationwide in 2016 alone. In a […]

“Getting Creative with the B2B Agency of the Future”

Moderator: Erin Paul, Director of Design Strategy, Trinity Brand Group Panelists: Linda McGovern, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, USG Corporation Michael Hensley, Co-Founder/President, Gyro (Chicago and Denver) Description: What is a B2B “agency” today? What are successful B2B agencies doing to keep clients? Andperhaps most important of all — how will they need to “get […]

Embracing Change and Design as a Catalyst for Better Brand Engagement

Speaker: Dyfed “Fred” Richards, Chief Creative Officer & Partner, Kaleidoscope As it becomes inherently more clear that the world as we know it is changing, brands must continue to adapt and evolve. In this presentation, Fred will discuss the ingredients of good design, the pitfalls of category language, how consumers respond to and shop the […]

Brand-Building and Data-Driven Demand Generation

Speaker: Craig Greenfield, COO, Performics Worldwide Description: Today, consumers move seamlessly and simultaneously across channels and devices in the path-to-purchase. Every brand touchpoint is part of a holistic, omni-channel shopping journey. The lines between physical and virtual shopping have blurred, with mobile as the key integrator. No matter where, each and every moment could be […]

Insurance Agents Are Rock Stars

Speaker: Steven Handmaker, Assurance Agency Description: Assurance is not your average insurance broker. In fact, Assurance is the Purple Cow of insurance brokers. Currently ranked #1 Best Place to Work by the Chicago Tribune and #4 best workplace in the United States by Fortune Magazine, Assurance has actually made insurance cool. Assurance created and marketed […]

Hear the Brand: The Rise of Audio Branding: How to Get the Most from Your Sound

Speaker: Colleen Fahey, US Managing Director, Sixième Son Description: Globalization, audio-enabled devices, content marketing and «continuous partial attention» all contribute to the rise of audio branding.Today a brand needs an audio identity as powerful as its logo, colors and packaging. Taking a look at Peugoet and Atlanta’s global efforts, we’ll see how audio branding takes […]

Getting Creative with the B2C Agency of the Future

Moderator: Erin Paul, Director of Design Strategy, Trinity Brand Group Panelists: John Starkey, Vice President, Gum, Mints & Media, Wrigley Lianne Sinclair, Senior Vice President, Group Account Director, Energy BBDO Andrés Ordóñez, Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Energy BBDO Description: What is a B2C “agency” today? What are successful B2C agencies doing to keep […]

9:10 AM – 9:40 AM – Transforming the Cubs Brand

Speaker: Allison Miller, Director of Marketing, Chicago Cubs Description: A 140 year old brand with the longest championship drought in all of sports (yes, it’s been 107 years). An unfortunate ‘loveable losers’ nickname. A historic but dilapidated ballpark. Behind new ownership and investment from the Ricketts family, a major reboot has happened on the north […]

8:30 AM – 9:10 AM – Opening Keynote: Marketing for Tomorrow…Starting Today

Speakers: Ron Bess, Former President North America, Havas Worldwide Zain Raj, Chairman & CEO, Shapiro + Raj Description: We have entered a new world of Marketing – one with constant change and more complexity than ever before. There is much more data to be analyzed; constantly evolving technologies to master; continued fragmentation of channels and […]

Six Guidelines for Successful Cover Letters

By Wendy Lalli Career counselors often use advertising terminology when talking about the activities of a job search. For example, they’ll refer to your resume as “your ad” and encourage you to develop a brief oral presentation about your experience referred to as your “elevator speech” or “commercial.”  This is completely understandable because a job […]

Mike Hensley, President, Gyro to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

MIKE HENSLEY President, gyro:chicago+denver As co-founder of gyro (recently named ad Age 2016 Global B2B Agency of the Year) Mike has been the chief architect of some of the agency’s most successful marketing strategies for a long list of business marketing clients.  Whether it was taking our Digital practice live in 1994, getting our Planning […]

Linda McGovern, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing of USG Corporation to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

Linda McGovern Linda McGovern is the senior vice president, Global Marketing of USG Corporation.   She joined USG Corporation in 2005 as director, Marketing Communications and Brand Strategy, and was named Vice President in 2012. Prior to joining USG she held marketing roles at Navistar, Baxter Healthcare and USF Logistics.   McGovern graduated from the […]

Gary Kash, Founder & President Emeritus of Insights in Marketing

Gary G. Kash Founder & President Emeritus of Insights in Marketing President of Gary Kash Marketing Insights Areas of Expertise: Positioning brands to drive growth Articulating strategies that build brands Growing entrepreneurial businesses Storytelling to engage and teach effective marketing Gary is Founder & President Emeritus of Insights in Marketing and one of the most […]

Lianne Sinclair, SVP, Client Service Director, Energy BBDO to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

Lianne Sinclair SVP, Client Service Director Energy BBDO   Lianne Sinclair is an established account leader with an impressive track record for reinvigorating brands across categories. In her role as SVP, Client Service Director at Energy BBDO, Lianne leads global work for Wrigley’s 5 Gum, Orbit and Extra. Her unique strategic and creative approach to […]

John Starkey, Vice President, Gum, Mints, & Media to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

John is an accomplished marketing professional with a consistent track record of brand building, innovation and business leadership.   John joined Wrigley in August of 2010 and took over the Gum business in May of 2014.   Since taking over the Gum business John has been leading the Gum category turnaround and growing the mints […]

Erin Paul, Director of Design Strategy, The Trinity Group

Panel Moderator: “Getting Creative with the B2C Agency of the Future” “Getting Creative with the B2B Agency of the Future” BIO: Erin Paul is a strategic leader and creative problem solver for a wide range of brand challenges with over 18 years of experience working with CPG companies. She has led brand building initiatives and […]

Fred Richards, Chief Creative Officer & Partner, Kaleidoscope to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

  BIO: As Kaleidoscope CCO, Fred plays an integral role in the growth and evolution of the firm’s strategic creative vision, client service processes and business development efforts. He ensures that Kaleidoscope leverages its diverse creative talent from all offices in Chicago, New York and Europe to generate fresh, strategic packaging design solutions for clients. […]

Chicago Cubs Senior Director of Marketing, Alison Miller to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive Results, takes place Thursday, April 28, 2016. Presentation: Transforming the Cubs Brand BIO: Alison joined the Chicago Cubs in 2012 as senior director of marketing.  At the Cubs, Alison is responsible for branding, marketing, fan research, advertising, broadcasting and game entertainment at Wrigley Field.  Prior to joining the […]

Craig Greenfield, COO, Performics Worldwide to Speak At BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive Results, takes place Thursday, April 28, 2016. Presentation: Brand-Building and Data-Driven Demand Generation Description: Today, consumers move seamlessly and simultaneously across channels and devices in the path-to-purchase. Every brand touchpoint is part of a holistic, omni-channel shopping journey. The lines between physical and virtual shopping have blurred, with […]

The high cost of — and new cures for — poor customer engagement.

By Chuck Kent, Chicago AMA Programming Committee Member, Director of Brand Content, Avenue An interesting report from Gallup raises the stakes for innovation in customer engagement—just as an interesting new event from the Chicago American Marketing Association is about to present new perspectives on how to truly engage (Feb. 23 at 1871). “The State of […]

7 Things Marketing Can Learn from Improv

By Michelle Batten, Chicago AMA 2016-2017 President Elect Marketing is both an art and a science.  Throughout the last hundred years, marketing has ebbed and flowed between these two disciplines, never quite finding the elusive balance between them.  In the last five years, the marketing industry has become increasingly infatuated with the science side – […]

Michaël Boumendil, President and Creative Director, Sixième Son

Presentation: Hear the Brand: The Rise of Audio Branding: How to Get the Most from Your Sound BIO: Musician, composer and producer, Michaël Boumendil graduated from EDHEC with a degree in Marketing Communication.  In 1995, at age 23, he founded the agency Sixième Son and with it, invented the concept of musical design and audio […]

Colleen Fahey, US Managing Director, Sixième Son

Presentation: Hear the Brand: The Rise of Audio Branding: How to Get the Most from Your Sound Bio: Colleen Fahey is a seasoned creative executive with deep expertise in branding and marketing at multiple touch points. When she learned of Sixième Son, a Paris audio branding agency that had created over 300 audio brands, she […]

Hear the Brand: Sound Branding Gurus Sixième Son, to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

Globalization, audio-enabled devices, content marketing and «continuous partial attention» all contribute to the rise of audio branding. Sixième Son’s US Managing Director, Colleen Fahey and Michaël Boumendil President and Creative Director of Sixième Son, join forces to demonstrate the importance and power of audio branding at BrandSmart 2016. BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive […]

CMO of Assurance, Steven Handmaker to Present at BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive Results, takes place Thursday, April 28, 2016. Insurance Brokers Are Sexy Rock Stars Speaker: Steven Handmaker, Assurance Agency Description: Assurance is not your average insurance broker. In fact, Assurance is the Purple Cow of insurance brokers. Currently ranked #1 Best Place to Work by the Chicago Tribune and […]

Founder & CEO of Bright Pink, Lindsay Avner to Speak At BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive Results, takes place Thursday, April 28, 2016. Bright Pink is the only national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Bright Pink is on a mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to […]

BrandSmart 2016 Keynote: Marketing for Tomorrow…Starting Today

The opening keynote address at BrandSmart 2016 will be presented by industry veterans Ron Bess, Formerly of Havas Worldwide, and Zain Raj, of Shapiro + Raj. BrandSmart 2016: Creativity: Connecting Ideas to Drive Results, takes place Thursday, April 28, 2016. Speakers: Ron Bess, Former President North America, Havas Worldwide Zain Raj, President & CEO, Shapiro […]

Six Tips on How to Negotiate a Higher Salary in 2016, by Wendi Lalli

For job hunters – whether they are still currently employed or in transition between jobs – this time of year often seems to energize a job search and prompt hopes of earning more in a new position. Yet even those who are successful in getting a job offer can still fall short when it comes […]

Zain Raj, President & CEO, Shapiro + Raj to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016 PRESENTATION: Marketing for Tomorrow, Starting Today BIO: A visionary leader, business accelerator, investor, philanthropist and industry futurist, Zain Raj is combining innovation and creativity to create new business models for the future. Zain is the President & CEO of Shapiro+Raj, a top-ten independent insights and inspiration company in North America. Zain is also […]

Ron Bess, Former President North America, Havas Worldwide to Speak at BrandSmart 2016

BrandSmart 2016 PRESENTATION: Marketing for Tomorrow, Starting Today BIO: Leadership.  Innovation.  Collaboration.  Growth. Ron Bess built his career on these four pillars, resulting in notable success for his clients and his agencies. Ron is a brand builder and an agency builder.  He has turned around ailing agencies, made good agencies better, led record growth on […]

Ten Tips on How to Win Awards

Marketing is a creative enterprise and, when all is said and done,a highly competitive business internally as well as externally. To measure creativity, various organizations hold competitive award shows for the different projects marketing people do. For instance, web design, print ads and of course,  TV show commercials. By the time most marketers have five […]

Why Don’t I Rank? A Google Audit

This Presentation will: (1) Diagnose common technical SEO problems with free tools (2) Learn to separate technical problems from marketing problems (3) Understand the basics of competitive SEO analysis Speaker: Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Marketing Scientist, Moz Dr. Peter J. Meyers (AKA “Dr. Pete”) is Marketing Scientist for Seattle-based Moz, where he works with the […]

How to Network During the Holidays

Network for the Holidays! The holidays are the perfect time to network for several reasons. First, people are more open to socializing with professional colleagues at all levels during this time of year. Second, on just about any given week from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, someone is throwing a party – including the Chicago AMA. […]

10 SEO Strategies for Your Website

You know the value of search ranking in search engines, but what factors do Google, Bing, and Yahoo use in their algorithms to rank these websites? Whether your website is a business or personal hobby, there are many tactics and strategies to achieve search engine optimization that require marketing and technological skills. Depending on your […]

The Up and Comers are Coming Up!

One of the major advantages membership in the Chicago AMA offers is the opportunity to meet, connect with and learn from people of all levels of experience who work in many different disciplines.  This benefit is particularly important for those who are just starting out in the business and have yet to build a significant […]

Link In To Move Up

People with strong networks get better jobs quicker, promoted faster and have more resources to draw upon throughout their career. The truth is – your success depends as much on WHO you know, as it does on WHAT you do. (That’s why politicians worry about their favorability ratings. Voters – like hiring managers – tend […]

Patrick Reid, Vice President Financial Services, Salesforce

Panelist: Using the Right Technology to Improve Customer Experience Patrick Reid is the Area Vice President, responsible for the Financial Services vertical in the Midwest and Canada. Reid has had a variety of roles at Salesforce since joining in 2005.  Reid has spent his career focused on helping his customers to become customer centric companies […]

Matthew Tennant – Global Director of Social at McDonald’s

Data Driven Social Modern Marketing This presentation covers: How to use social data to drive relevance Developing Stories that matter Building advocacy among your social audience BIO: Matthew Tennant serves as the Global Director of Social to lead, innovate and drive the team’s success. Previously, Matthew built out the Customer Insight Center for Microsoft and […]

Panel: Using the Right Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

  Panelists Include: Patrick Reid, Area Vice President- Financial Services Mazen Ghalayini, Director, Customer Experience West Monroe Partners Ben Foster, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy Ketchum Midwest

Tim Handorf, Co-Founder & President, G2 Crowd

The Future of the Marketing Technology Stack The modern marketer has more technologies to choose from than ever and it is getting more confusing to determine what technologies will have the most impact on your business.  Based on insights from customer reviews, we will share trends of the modern day marketers technology stack.  In addition, […]

Laura Squier, Director of Sales and Business Development for Advanced Analytics, QueBit

Top 10 Ways Marketers Can Improve Business Performance with Predictive Analytics    This fast-paced session will highlight 10 ways marketers can leverage predictive  analytics to improve business performance through: 1)      Acquisition/Conversion 2)      Retention 3)      Next Best Offer 4)      Customer Segmentation 5)      Customer Lifetime Value 6)      Direct Mail – Incremental Response 7)      Social Media Analytics 8)      […]

Mazen Ghalayini, Director, Customer Experience – West Monroe Partners

Panelist: Using the Right Technology to Improve Customer Experience Mazen Ghalayini is a director and leads West Monroe’s Customer Experience practice in Chicago as well as the firm’s national CRM practice. Mazen has spent the last 15 years focused on enabling the sales, marketing and service functions at his clients to create more effective, profitable […]

Liisa Thomas, Chair, Privacy and Data Security Practice, Winston & Strawn LLP

Social Media and Consumer Inquiries about Data Breaches – What is the Marketer’s Role? Consumers are hyper aware about privacy issues, and particularly sensitive to the misuse of their information by hackers and other bad actors. As companies are increasingly coming under attack, everyone in an organization needs to be prepared. The issue is particularly […]

Ben Foster, Senior Vice President and Digital Strategist, Ketchum Midwest

Panelist: Using the Right Technology to Improve the Customer Experience Ben Foster is Senior Vice President and Digital Strategist for Ketchum Midwest in Chicago. In this role, he sets Digital and Social strategy for clients including General Mills, Whirlpool, Kimberly Clark, and Hilton. Ben is also an Adjunct Faculty member at DePaul University’s College of […]

Go to Lunch to Get Ahead

Written by Wendy Lalli Something happens when you share a table and a breadbasket with a business contact that can never happen in an office with a desk or conference table between you. Eating together in a neutral restaurant encourages a feeling of equality impossible to achieve in the other person’s office. (In fact, the […]

From print to digital: Content marketing remains on the throne

Event summary for Sunrise Executive Series:   How to create powerful content & extend reach with emerging platforms Presenter: Jonathan Copulsky, Chief Content Officer for Deloitte LLP, and Chief Marketing Officer for Deloitte Consulting. Content marketing is not new. In fact, it has been around for centuries with the only difference are that we have moved […]

Mark Fenne, Director of Channel Marketing, Weber Stephen Products to Speak on Sept. 29, 2015

On September 29, Mark Fenne joins Chicago AMA to present “Creating a Hands on Brand Experience, ” for our September Evening With Experts Program. BIO: Mark has held numerous sales and marketing positions over the last 20 years with World Kitchen, the Sanford division of Newell-Rubbermaid, and Wilton Industries building strong global brands including Chicago […]

Interview with Jonathan Copulsky, Chief Content Officer for Deloitte LLP, Chief Marketing Officer for Deloitte Consulting LLP

  Chicago AMA: Congratulations on Deloitte’s recent acquisition of LRA Worldwide (to operate as LRA by Deloitte). Speaking of customer experiences – for marketing to deliver right-time consumer experiences it fundamentally requires organizations to take a sustainable approach to content that’s instantly at odds with marketing expectations for the disruptive pace of change. Have you […]