Kathy Alexander founded Beagle Insight in 2006 as a strategic research consultancy with a core focus in the media and entertainment industry. Capitalizing on her broad industry experience over the past 15 years, her practice is dedicated toward understanding how consumers interact with media and brands. With a particular emphasis in how qualitative and quantitative research work together, Kathy demonstrates an in-depth understanding of industry trends and consumer needs. She has conducted a wide variety of projects including programming evaluation, brand positioning, market segmentation, customer satisfaction, pricing and packaging, and new product development. A relationship-builder with extensive network of clients across industry verticals built through exceeding client expectations, Kathy is a sought after subject matter expert and team leader with the ability to prioritize objectives and develop action plans. Her engaging and approachable presentation-style brings research insights to life. Recent long-term contract positions include work with top research consultancies (Screen Engine/ASI and Mindseye Research Group) and new technology platforms (Invoke Solutions).