KC Conroy


A 17-year professional who is self-motivated, a problem-solver, data driven marketing campaign strategist with a strong experience in marketing automation. My marketing efforts have increased revenue, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, MQLs, and learned customer behavior. Through the years, I have coached employees how to improve their marketing skills, communication, productivity, vendor management, productivity, and more.

Working with automation software is one of my top strengths and passions. Automating a repeatable process gives the company back all of the time spent doing it manually. This also improves consistency amongst the entire audience but still leaves room for personalization in key spots.

Skills: Marketing Automation, HTML, Training, Data Science, Social Media, Budgeting, PPC, Digital Advertising, SEO, SEM, Content Creation, Video Production, Proofreading, Presenting, Social Events & Cross-Departmental Collaboration, A/B Testing Strategy, Management, and Execution.