2022 BrandSmart Awards Judges

Our esteemed panel of judges features branding experts across industries. More judges to be announced.

  • Emily Bader

    VP of Marketing Communications | LEAP Innovations

  • Jeff Buchan

    Head of Global Industry Relations, Google

  • Kevin Hauswirth

    Principal, Hauswirth/Co

  • Jennifer Heyman

    Head of Social Listening and Engagement, Wells Fargo

  • Tatiana Holifield

    Head of Brand Social, Hulu

  • Annie Katrina Lee

    Chief Marketing Officer, Brave Software

  • Paul Kontonis

    Chief Marketing Officer, Revry

  • Heather Malenshek

    SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Land O’Lakes

  • Lauren McCadney Williams

    VP, Marketing Delivery, CDW

  • Maya McDonald

    Director, Social Media & PR, The Mike’s Hard Lemonade Company

  • Andrew Saunders

    Global Head of Entertainment & Culture Marketing for XCM, Amazon

  • Tanuja Singeetham

    Head of Digital Marketing – Henkel Beauty Care Professional NA, Henkel

  • Meg Way

    Vice President, Digital Marketing and Acquisition, Amway

  • Rick Wion

    Senior Director, Consumer Engagement, Kellogg Company

  • Andrea Wood

    VP, Global Communications, Freeman Company

BrandSmart Awards 2021

The BrandSmart Awards were inspired by the Golden Ratio and were created to celebrate the powerful relationship between beauty and measurement – the marriage of creativity and results.

Often found in nature, art and architecture, the Golden Ratio epitomizes the beauty of the integration of art and science – and recognizes those whose efforts exemplify this practice.

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