Executive Coaching for Marketers

Your marketing team drives your business; empower them to do their best work with coaching designed for marketing and advertising pros.

AMA Chicago offers employers professional development that:

  • Focuses on the unique demands of marketing work, supporting professionals in defining and meeting individual and team objectives
  • Supports marketers as they grow and develop their leadership in a way that’s authentic to their individual style and preferences
  • Makes coaching accessible and productive for marketers

Coaching is led by Beryl Greenberg, a certified coach and facilitator, former recruiter and advertising agency veteran, who is passionate about using her marketing experience and coaching expertise to help marketing professionals succeed.

Participants emerge from coaching equipped to respond more thoughtfully to challenges, create sustainable and productive leadership habits, manage stress and feel more in control of their work and life.

There are two coaching options:

Level Up Your Leadership: group-based, long-term

The Coach Is In: one-on-one, short-term support in private session/s

Level Up Your Leadership

For companies seeking professional and leadership development for experienced marketers

LEVEL UP YOUR LEADERSHIP provides all the benefits of Coach Beryl’s executive coaching, in community with other marketers facing similar challenges. Participants engage in a research-based, structured framework that helps them create positive mental habits, foster new skills, and navigate challenges. Coaching is integrated with the Positive IntelligenceTM app, providing easy access to tips and reminders.

In this 5-month program, 5–12 participants work together in 16 virtual sessions and 1 private session to:

  • Gain clarity on their leadership strengths
  • Identify and address obstacles
  • Respond more thoughtfully to challenges
  • Apply learning, best practices, and positive habits to their real-world situations
  • Boost their work performance and long-term impact on their company

View full benefits and expectations (PDF).

Per-person cost is for employees from the same company and includes a 1-year membership in AMA Chicago: 5+ participants $2,870/person; 3–4 participants $3,170/person; 1–2 participants $3,470/person.

The Coach Is In

For companies seeking short-term professional development for key members of their marketing team

THE COACH IS IN provides one-on-one confidential coaching for a specific number of sessions, giving companies and their employees access to professional development when they need it. Coach Beryl supports each professional by providing a safe space to navigate the challenges they’re facing. Participants benefit from:

  • Having a sounding board
  • Getting an objective point of view
  • Guidance in assessing their situation
  • Creating an actionable plan
  • Acquiring new tools and habits that boost confidence and energy

Private coaching pays dividends for companies by increasing employee effectiveness, contributing to a positive work culture and boosting loyalty. Count on Coach Beryl to empower marketing pros with coaching designed for them.

Private sessions are 50 minutes each; employers may purchase sessions in packs of 5 for $1,650 total ($330 each) or 10 for $2,750 ($275 each).

For more information about LEVEL UP YOUR LEADERSHIP or THE COACH IS IN, contact Coach Beryl.

About Beryl

Beryl Greenberg is an executive and career coach who champions leaders in the marketing and advertising industries. She supports high-performing professionals to gain clarity on their leadership, career path and work/life balance to go for their dreams without stress or guilt getting in the way.

Beryl is a certified coach, leadership facilitator and group coaching leader in private practice. She works with individuals and groups privately and within companies, as well as leads groups through CHIEF, a women’s executive community. Beryl is the founder and co-leader of the successful Mothers@Agencies Group Coaching Leadership Program where agency mothers transform their lives to be happier and more productive. As a former advertising agency veteran and executive recruiter, her industry knowledge is appreciated by clients.

If you have questions or would like more information, email Beryl.


Praise for Coach Beryl

“For the first time in my career, I have been able to see the forest through the trees and get out of my own way!”—Marketing Director

“I am operating with increased confidence and greater enjoyment of life—with excellent tools to keep the momentum going in the future.”—Global Client Partner

“I’ve benefited so much from leadership coaching. I learned how to communicate more effectively with peers and people whom I managed. Coaching elevated my career!”—CMO

“I wasn’t seeing my obstacles very clearly. Coach Beryl shined a light on them and gave me the tools to navigate them. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.”—VP, Marketing

“In my short time with this program, I’ve shifted my approach with people, meetings and challenges at both work and home. I used to tackle everything head on and now I’m taking a step to the side and approaching things from a different angle!”—Sr. Account Director, Marketing Agency