AI Is More than a Content Creator

By Molly Lee, Director of Strategy, Adage Technologies

As marketers, the most common use of AI in our industry is content creation. And while that certainly streamlines some aspects of our work, there are other ways to utilize AI to make our jobs more efficient. AI can fill four roles to help marketers save time while producing high-quality, impactful work.

Let’s check them out!


AI’s capabilities extend far beyond being a content writer. It has the potential to serve as one of your top collaborators. The key is getting started.

When working with AI, it’s so easy to fall prey to blank page syndrome. You have your generative AI tool open, you know you need to give it a prompt, but you’re not sure what prompt to enter because you don’t know where to start. That’s where using AI as a collaborator comes in. Your prompt is to ask it how it can help you.

For example, if you’re trying to use AI to assist with building a content calendar, your prompt might be: What are some ways I can use generative AI to help create a content calendar?

By doing this, you’re able to pose prompts about things that a marketer uses. It also means that AI is not doing the work for you but helping you to do your work.

Data Consolidator

Generative AI is a powerful data consolidator. As a marketer, staying up-to-date and consistently researching your industry is critical. This becomes difficult when you think about the sheer amount of data available on the internet. It’s time-consuming to find every piece of information you need and make the appropriate connections between different pieces.

That’s where AI comes in. Generative AI can pull pieces of information from multiple sources and serve it to you in a connected, cohesive manner. You just need to conduct a quick fact-check.

The one caveat is that the free version of ChatGPT can only pull data as recent as 2021. For more recent information, two options to consider are the paid option of ChatGPT or Bard. 

Keyword and SEO Researcher

Keeping within the research realm, AI can help marketers when it comes to researching keywords for optimal SEO results. Consider leveraging AI to test keywords you’re considering for various ad campaigns.

AI can point out which words may perform better and potentially offer new keywords that were not previously considered.

Technological Researcher

One final area of research to consider using AI is technological research. Use it to analyze different technology stacks and compare different products you may be considering adding or removing from your current tech stack.

Additionally, leverage AI to optimize your current tech stack usage. Is there a way for you to use your current tools that have been previously overlooked? Are there functions you’re looking to add to your tech stack, but one of your current products already has that capability?

Be Creative

When it comes to marketing, AI has endless options for how it can help users work more efficiently. No matter what marketing area you work in, there is an application of how it can benefit you and make you better at your job. AI’s possibilities only end where your creativity does.

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Author: Molly Lee, Director of Strategy, Adage Technologies

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