Dear Chicago,

Our community is facing challenges like few other times before, but our spirit is far from destroyed.

AMA Chicago strives to serve all people, and as such, we stand against all forms of racism.

We support our members, businesses, brands, and leaders of color. We believe that you have the fundamental right to freedom of speech, economic opportunity and to proudly take your place in our community. 

As marketers, we have an extremely important responsibility right now. We have the responsibility to be the voice of equity and inclusion that is heard across the airwaves, and across all communication channels by millions of people every day.

Here at AMA Chicago, we are using this opportunity to engage in conversations and actions that we believe will enable us to better serve the greater Chicago marketing community. We aren’t shying away; we are stepping up, and we are going to do this together.

The best marketers know that there is a time for listening and a time for talking. Today, we are going to do a lot more listening, but when we do talk, we want to be sure it is through a lens of respect, and that our voice is one of diversity and awareness as we strive to achieve connectedness for all.

Please reach out today and support a colleague whose life or business has been affected by current events. If you have a story to share, please reach out to us as we would love to hear it.

We are one AMA Chicago, and all are welcome.

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