How to Differentiate Titles and Responsibilities in Marketing

A case study on how Morningstar’s marketing team defines associates, managers and directors

The promotion track within marketing can be hard to understand. Almost by definition, marketing professionals each bring a diverse set of skills and expertise to our jobs, and we’re always learning and growing. (Especially us members of AMA Chicago, #shamelessselfpromotion.)

Whether you’re looking to hire or making the case for your promotion within your marketing team, the responsibilities between a marketing associate, a senior marketing manager, head of marketing and everything in between can sometimes seem subjective.

Our partners at Morningstar created this Marketing Competencies Guide to distinguish marketing tenure: learner, practitioner and teacher. They take it a step further to delineate skills on the marketing track and the specific needs of product marketers, too. Take a look at their example to see what your team’s structure might look like.

Consider these delineations for your marketing team:

Learner (Early Development Proficiency)

Understands the basics of each marketing competency and can manage campaigns, analyze some results and establish some priorities. Can communicate micro-level stories within a campaign. Is aware of the marketing and competitive landscape. Title is likely associate.  

Practitioner (Intermediate Proficiency)

Has experience in each marketing competency and can manage associates. Collaborates internally and externally, inside and outside of marketing. Can oversee multiple campaigns at once and their corresponding budgets. Can set goals and offer multi-level analysis. Title is likely manager.

Teacher (High Proficiency)

Leads strategy and connects high-level company objectives to a variety of marketing tactics. Sets clear goals for practitioners and learners to meet. Serves as a spokesperson and can adjust and evolve a story to elicit buy-in. Owns a large budget. Works cross-functionally with multiple areas.  Title is likely director or head.

Marketing Competencies

Here are the top competencies outlined for marketers:  

  • Results-driven
  • Impactful storyteller
  • Resource planning
  • Execution and organizational skills
  • Commercially aware
  • Savvy in marketing in tech 

Product marketing competencies outlined are:

  • Go to market strategy
  • Audience identification
  • Messaging
  • Go to market execution
  • Sales enablement
  • Demand generation

Download the full Morningstar document for more detail on each marketing competency and how learners, practitioners and teachers deliver on marketing objectives.

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