Lola VonRoda



At a business conference I was asked this question and it changed my life. I realized I was living by default and not design. Over the next year, I cut my hair, moved cross country, changed my name, remodeled my business and CHOSE to live life by DESIGN. ✨

In conversation, I like to say I'm an identity and transformation specialist.

Formally speaking, I'm the founder of Iconic Details. A distinguished branding studio and lifestyle movement dedicated to choosing life by design. Supporting businesses and iconic authorities as they navigate to their next level of success.

In the STUDIO, I'm a "brand strategist": Offering iconic brand development, strategic brand design, and elevated customer experiences for clients to thrive with inspired certainty.

In the SANCTUARY, I'm an "identity strategist": Holding space for identity transformation as clients refine, infuse, and honor their iconic essence while stepping into a new way of being with intoxicating clarity.

From intention to integration, I see you, I get you, I've got you.

If you're looking for a creative partner with fresh perspective, an uncanning ability to see what make you iconic and innovative ideas to keep you true to who you are as you scale your business ~> Call me!

If you're looking for a sanctuary to cocoon and become, a guide through the unknown to your new way of being, and a support system to hols space while you incubate ~> Call me!

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I'm here!