Ashley Roda


I've decided to move on from Iconic Details. While I love what I do, I don't love the way I've been doing it. I need a break from the hustle culture and entrepreneurial grind. I'm leaning into my network because I believe everything is who you know and perfect timing. In pursuit of my "next" incarnation, I wonder if you might have any connections or know of any opportunities for me.

I'm looking for opportunities as a creative director, brand strategist, brand manager, team lead, or similar creative roles.

Ideally here in Chicago or remotely.

A good connection for me:
Creative Agencies
Business Owners/Businesses looking to fill these positions
Creative Recruiters
Well connected people (COIs Centers of Influence) that may have connections.

If you would be willing to make an introduction to anyone who comes to mind or share information of opportunities you know of, I would be endlessly grateful.
~ Ashley Roda