Fiona Ray


"Ready About" tells the sailing crew to get ready for a change in direction through the wind.

Keep your brand on course with strategic, action-oriented qualitative insights designed to guide and inspire your important brand decisions. At Ready About, we use curiosity and empathy to better connect you with the humans behind the marketing data.
We help with brand positioning, target consumer illumination, communications development research, shopper journey, purchase process studies, new product innovation, and more.
We offer:
• Flexible, scalable services, ranging from one-off freelance moderation to full-service, large-scale, complex study management.
• Personal focus, flawless execution, and a pragmatic, collaborative approach.
• Experts and early adopters of digital methodologies, from webcam groups and IDIs and mobile ethnographies to in-depth digital discussion platforms
• Deep network of trusted recruiters, virtual platform providers, and niche research specialists.