What Is a Brand Sprint?

Did you know that 81% of consumers will only consider buying from a brand they trust? (Source: Exploding Topics 2023) In a world where consumers have nearly infinite options at their fingertips, only the most successful brands rise above the rest.

Whether you’re looking to develop your brand for the first time or want to optimize your existing brand, a Brand Sprint workshop can help you accomplish your goals. AMA Chicago’s next Brand Sprint workshop is coming up on March 9, 2023 at West Monroe Partners in Chicago. The workshop will be led by Jennifer Severns, Chief Experience Officer at ThomasArts. We sat down with Jennifer to talk all things brand sprints: What are they? What do they accomplish? And who should attend? 

What is a brand sprint? 

A brand sprint is an exercise to align your company with your customers on the why, what and how of your brand. The brand sprint methodology is based on Google Venture’s design sprint principles, which Jennifer adapted after years of facilitating and participating in design sprints. She re-imagined the process for designing and prototyping and applied it to developing your brand’s identity and purpose. When you run a brand sprint workshop at your own organization, it creates the opportunity to bring many different minds together to brainstorm and build out a cohesive brand. 

What will you learn at the brand sprint workshop? 

You’ll learn how to create a brand that connects deeply with customers. Jennifer emphasizes that good businesses aren’t founded on transactions, but on genuine human connections. When potential customers interact with your business, they want to feel like they matter. A strong brand identity will provide your customers with a sense of belonging and value. This ultimately sets your organization apart from the competition. 

By the end of the workshop, you’ll also know how to run a brand sprint workshop of your own. Jennifer emphasizes that the training presents hands-on, tactical tools. It’s filled with tons of practical information and resources you can immediately deploy at your organization. You’ll even take home several action-ready templates you can use for your own brand sprints! 

Who should attend the brand sprint workshop? 

The brand smart workshop is for marketing leaders. It’s a valuable event for professionals across many different departments and leadership types. Trainers and facilitators will learn how to run a brand sprint for their own teams. Company leaders and stakeholders will learn how brand alignment strengthens multiple aspects of the company, both internal and customer-facing. Whether you’re a department manager, a CEO, or a start-up founder, you’re sure to learn lots from this event. 

Sprint into BrandSmart 

The brand sprint workshop is an excellent precursor to the BrandSmart Conference on April 27, 2023. Held at Navy Pier, BrandSmart is the longest-running brand marketing conference in the United States. With a newly minted brand strategy in hand, you’ll be able to fully take advantage of the many learning opportunities at the conference to enhance your branding even further. 

Register for the workshop

Don’t miss the brand sprint workshop on March 9! Register now to experience a sprint and learn to lead your own. Don’t miss this workshop on Sprint over to the Brand Sprint event page and RSVP today! 

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